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Oculus link crashes after a couple minuets

Level 2

When I first set up pcvr it worked perfectly but recently nearly evetime I launch link it will crash withing 20-60 seconds. When it crashes the screen will freeze in a rectangle in front of me and when I move my head it kind of warps around me (its hard to describe)   I can also see the frozen scene behind my but flipped upside down. I have already tried restarting my pc and headset and have also reinstalled drivers on multiple occasions. I have also tried switching USB port and repairing the oculus app. None of this as made any difference. 

Would appreciate any ideas.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there. Thank you for contacting us. We understand that you're having issues launching link. We'd love to assist you with this. 


It looks like you've done all of the suggested troubleshooting. Please submit a support ticket with your computer logs so that we can look at more available options for you. 


We look forward to hearing from you!