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Oculus link rift home environment 1101 logging in to servers error

Level 3


I'm having problems with my home environment on Oculus link rift home environment with an error 1101 logging into servers. Please can Oculus reset my server?


Tim Harding



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi mitsuperboy! Let's get your connection issues fixed so you can enjoy Oculus Home once again. Send us a PM and we'll look into any potential WiFi issues there may be. Thanks!

Level 3

Its now just been over a 30 day and no reply to my pm to OculusSupport, it feel like it never going to be sorted. all they need to do is to try and reboot theirs server witch my home is on.

Level 3

Hi I been taking to Jan form Oculus Support and she said to do

"Perform the following steps to delete the home environment and delete it.

  1. Restart the Oculus software. This option is in Settings > Beta.
    1. After restarting, be careful not to bump or move the headset (until step 4). We don't want your Home to load right away.
  2. Click Here to bring you to your list of Homes.
  3. Select a Home that isn't the default. The exact home doesn't matter, as long as it's not the default.
    1. If you don't have any other Home, you can use someone else's public Home.
  4. Clicking the link will load that Home. Put on the headset.
  5. Once a Home is loaded, open the menu (left hand), select places, select the corrupted Home, and use the three dots on the top right to delete it."

But I can't do this part "If you don't have any other Home, you can use someone else's public Home." because I don't have public Homes with my home witch is the default.

Can someone link me to a public home so I can delete my home and start again