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Oculus not working

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I have done my best making several attempts for several months to speak with a live person. I received a few emails back but none helpful. My oculus has stopped communicating with the controllers. It is not working properly and it tells me I am out of the play area; even when I have not moved.  I have tried everything but to no avail. I would really like a replacement if possible. Is there anyone who can help me? I would really appreciate a call back (415) 525-2584


thank you


Erica Evans


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Erica, could you please provide your ticket number so we can review your case? Thank you.

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Originally created 02/24 : #2336419


Updated 03/17 : 2475098


im sure a new ticket # was assigned yesterday (08/07) but I do not currently have it. My oculus quest 2 just stopped communicating with controllers and constantly says i am out of the “play area” even tho I never moved. I have tried restarting but it doesn’t work, can you please help me with a replacement for my oculus quest 2?


thank yo

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Good morning,


I have provided 3 ticket numbers and still, no one has assisted me with the replacement of my oculus. I would really appreciate if someone; anyone would help. Oculus headset stopped communicating with the controllers approximately 33 days after purchase. I have been trying to get a replacement since February of 2021. It would be greatly appreciated if I could receive a phone call from management. 

thanks you

Oculus prides itself on stellar customer service, and what you've experienced isn't a proper representation of that. Please, allow me to assist in any way I can!

I have some basic questions that'll allow me to troubleshoot this further.

  • Have you changed the lighting or furniture layout recently?
  • Did you recently change the batteries?
  • Have you tried adjusting the frame rate for your controllers in settings?
  • Do the connection errors start  immediately or gradually?

Once you get me that information, I'll be better able to pinpoint what the issue is!

Hope to hear back soon.

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I have done everything possible to get the device to work. I have followed all tips and advice from oculus support. I purchased my bra set in December and it lasted for approximately 30 days. It doesn’t work; plain and simple.  Why is it so hard to receive a replacement or even a call back from such a successful company? This feels like fraud and I feel scammed. This customer service has no intentions for  actual customer satisfaction. I have been reaching out to you guys for approximately 8 months now. I’m just out of $400+ that no one else seems to care about….


thanks a lot oculus