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Oculus plays music when i activate Link

Honored Guest

When i turn on Oculus link, random music keeps playing and theres no way to shut it off. It plays while im in game as well and plays on an endless loop. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled everything multiple times, restarted everything even more times, been on every forum page and been through every settings menu. SOMEBODY HELP BEFORE I DESTROY THIS THING


I don’t see the background music option. also, i’m on the quest 2, and when i start up quest link, random audio begins to play. Sometimes it’s music and sometimes it’s some foreign language i can’t understand. It continues to play on an endless loop even when i enter apps or games. please help 🙏

Hey there! Thank you for reaching out, we know how important to have access to amazing audio in the wonderful world of PCVR. To access audio settings in your PC app, go to Devices in Oculus PC App, and click on the Device to bring up a side menu. There should be audio options in there. Please let us know if you're still having issues and we'd be happy to look into this further for you! Simply reply back to us and we'd love get this taken care of for you!

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Honored Guest

This just started for me, and I don’t see any settings for audio, and I am on the brink of insanity. Any other ideas?

The only way I figured out how to do it was, I found a guide online to change the files in the dash folder, and I've been able to turn off the music and make the background totally black, but i had to save the files on the side because every update they revert back, and I have to replace them. I have the files I can share them with you, then you just have to find their duplicates on your system and replace em, every update... Lol but it's worth it. Hopefully they will allow us to change these things one day. 

This music has just started for me too. Is there any way to stop it as it has rendered the Link option useless.


Retired Support

I managed to find a thread that focused on a solution to this little audio issue. I am going to leave the link here. Hopefully, this will help everyone find something relevant to solving the issue.

After reading the entire thread that you posted a link to that is over 2 years old btw, there is absolutely no resolution to the fix. Please do not post old threads with no helpful information into these threads, at least read them first and don't just copy and paste a useless response. The only way that you can stop the music is to go deep into your files on your PC settings find the file for the audio and replace it with a blank file with the same name. I have been doing it this way for months and every time the app updates I have to do it again and again. Since they removed the option for doing it in the headset or on the PC and the only way is to actually delete the files and replace them, it's insane after 3 years of threads and complaints and useless responses by your team, that you haven't added the option back, or put in the request to the team that people are complaining and would like a volume slider, or a background color option. Luckily we are able to copy over files with better ones created by people not working for your team to help us with our simple request. Have a good day 👍 

Your right, there should be an option, but they have removed it about 2 years ago. Please talk to your team about adding the option back in an update. 

Retired Support

I realize it's an old thread, but honestly, it's all I could find without telling anyone to go deep into their files. Because honestly, I personally wouldn't go into my files to get the workaround, but that's just me being cautious about what I do to interrupt programs. I just wanted to provide a little more material on the subject, @sw3d3r. We should try opening an ideas post about this so that we can bring the conversation back to the table, because it does sound like something more people should be talking about. I appreciate your input. 

Honored Guest

It seems like you're facing a frustrating issue with your Oculus Link setup. To troubleshoot this problem, consider checking your computer's audio settings and ensuring that no other applications are causing interference. Additionally, make sure your Oculus software and drivers are up to date. If the issue persists, try using a different USB port for your Oculus Link cable or testing it on another computer if possible. Some users have reported success by disabling unnecessary audio devices in the Windows Sound settings. If all else fails, reaching out to Oculus Support might provide a solution tailored to your specific situation. It's essential to remain patient during the troubleshooting process, as technical issues can often be resolved with the right combination of adjustments and support.

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