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Oculus quest 2: How to change default login to facebook account on my oculus account on phone?

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HI, I created a new facebook account for my daughter for her to be able to create an Oculus account for new headset. However, now when I try to log-in to my oculus account on my phone it automatically displays her name and only provides me the option to login as her. This leaves me no option to login to my own oculus account on my phone. Does anyone know how to change the default login on my phone so that it allows me to login in to my account again?


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Same problem. Except I accidentally logged in to the wrong Facebook and now they have apparently married my phone to this app to this account. This is insane. 

Hey there! At this time, we don't have the ability to unlink Facebook accounts. Please keep an eye on our blog for when it is possible! Find our blog here:

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Absolutely ridiculous that the device is locked to a single Facebook account. My kids asked my wife to sign in to my brand new quest so they could play on Xmas and now I can't sign in with my own account.. if this can't be resolved I'm returning this and getting a device from a company that cares more about the usability than mining user data. 


I had an old oculus before Facebook took over.. RIP

Hi HarryClan,


We completely understand the need to be able to sign in to multiple accounts with one device, which is why we offer the ability to add multiple accounts to your Quest 2. You can out how to add your account in this article. Since your wife initially set up your Quest 2, her account will be the admin account. If you want to change that so your account is the admin, you'll need to factory reset your Quest 2. This article will walk you through that process. 


We certainly care about your experience with your Quest 2, so if there's anything else we can help with, feel free to reach out here, or create a support ticket on this page. Enjoy the rest of the holidays! 

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Hello, further on that, I want to retain account 1 as the admin account but have account 2 be the one that it defaults to on startup - how do I do that? (Otherwise user 2 has access to my FB account when starting up).

Hey there kate.jeffery.526, We love the convenience of being able to have multiple users on the Quest 2. Currently, the admin account is the one it will default to. There is not a way to make it default to another account, as the admin is the primary account. 



We know there are changes and innovations we can make to better serve our gamers, so we always recommend utilizing the "start a conversation" portion of our Community Forums. We are always open to hearing your feedback and suggestions! 


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Then how about making it to where we don’t have to switch accounts all the time if we are the secondary account holder… doesn’t seem like you really do care at all. Even a prompt at the beginning asking you which user you wanted to log in as would be helpful. 

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