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Oculus quest 2 airline control issues

Level 2


I connected my sons oculus quest 2 to pc via airlink. I can see the game he wants to play but I cannot get into the game. It says to click to enter and I do that but it doesn’t do anything. Seems to be connected just fine.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Cronobunga, do you mean playing multiplayer in the game, or watching what goes on in the headset on a tv/computer when referring to being unable to "get into the game"?

I mean playing the game. When I have the oculus on I can see the game through the oculus on the computer. The games says click here to play but when I click that it doesn't do anything. I don't know if it has to do with the game, airlink, or the oculus. It's hard to find anything for this specific thing online to fix.

Thanks for clarifying that for us! We'd like to know more about this so we can figure out what the cause of your issue could be, what game are you trying to play? Has this happened with any other games?

The game is End of the Road VR through steam. This is the first time we have tried the oculus airlink with the computer.

Thank you for that information. Since the game is a Steam game, we are unable to help further as we only have resources and tools to troubleshoot our products and games. However, we are able to assist if this issue is persisting in our games as well.

Can you check the following for us?

  • If our games are having these issues?
  • Do you have a Quest Link Cable and does that work just fine with just our games?
  • Are you able to provide specs of your computer?

You can find how to look for your specs online if you need help with that information and cross reference that with this page which list our requirements. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!