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Oculus rift CV1 crashed after several minutes of game

Level 2

so after opening any game on the rift / turning it on it will work normally. but after around 5 minutes the device boots off, for a few seconds the screens stay on but when you move your head it doesn't move your head in VR and then shuts off.

when it turns back on, after a minute and a half there is no sound coming from the rift.

how do I fix that? thank you!


Level 2

I uninstalled and reinstalled the oculus software, the crash has happened for several months.

Hello there! We see you're having issues with your Rift S. We don't want you having this kind of gaming experience so we'd love to look further into this with you starting with a few questions.


  • Does this happen in general? Or does it happen while playing in Steam only or Oculus only?
  • Do you notice any damage to the cable?
  • Has the headset been bumped or dropped?
  • Did you try a factory reset?


Please let us know!



Hi. Just checking in to see if you were able to fix the issue with your Rift S. Let us know if you still require assistance!