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Oculus stuttering in steamvr in virtual desktop and oculus link

Level 2

I have tried all the audio fixes and the priority fixes in task manager. I have also separated my channels on my xfinity router into 5g and 2.4 with only my quest 2 on 5g. I have used the debug tool and clicked off the desktop screen like some have suggested. I have a new computer with i7 12000k and 3070 gpu but the same problems occur on my old computer exactly. My internet speed is 1200mbs. I have also turned my computer wifi into a hotspot to skip the router and internet. Everything is the same. Screen tearing when I turn my head and stuttering on the screen and with audio. I have FPSVR and no frames are ever skipped so I thought it was router/modem. I have used a link cable and it works flawlessly. I have used virtual desktop and airlink and they have the same results. All games are the same with their skipping regardless of how graphically intense they are. On the desktop screen, I notice their is no issues, hicupps or tearing only on my Oculus 2 headset. Anybody have any thoughts why this could be happening? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

hey there @HollyWoodKole! We completely understand how it feels having performance issues with PCVR. We recommend reaching out to our wonderful email, chat, and callback support team, as we have access to more tools when you reach out through through these channels. In addition please make sure that you send your Meta Quest service logs when you reach out.