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Oculus won't connect to multi player games

Level 2


Our oculus won't connect to multiplayer games today.

It hasn't been used for a while but did an update etc when turned on and successfully converted from Facebook login to the new meta / horizon account.


We can hear friends in a party and download games so it is connected to the internet successfully.


Rec room tries to start but eventually returns to the start screen without loading the game (although some audio can be heard briefly).


Best Sabre can play on single mode but cannot join or create a multiplayer game including with an invite code.


We have restarted the device, done a soft reset, restarted our broadband router and finally done a headset hard reset with full reinstall of all games.


The error is still the same.  When it is on rec room no code is given, the game just won't load. On beat saber it says check internet connection and gives CFR-1 or CFR-3.


The device was purchased in April and is therefore still under warranty, can you give advice as to what to do next?  It cannot be a system error as my son's friends are playing these games together while he is getting the error.