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Offered Oculus Touch Left Controller RMA despite out-of-warranty, but no replacement stock available

Level 2

Two months ago I reached out to Meta Support to see what sort of options would be available in case my controllers broke, knowing that the original touch controllers are no longer sold. To my surprise, I was offered an RMA for both controllers, which had not yet started to fail but had cracks around the rings that were getting bigger. After sending photos and being sent two shipping labels to send them in for replacements, I was impressed with Meta Support. I sent off the controllers and awaited the replacements. This is where things when from great to horribly wrong...


A right controller was promptly shipped and I received it within the outlined timeframe. I ask about the left controller and I'm advised that they are working on getting it out the door. A week goes by so I reach out again and I'm advised they are escalating the situation to their logistics team. Another week goes by and I ask for an update. I'm told that there is no stock of left controllers with no ETA on availability. 


Six weeks have passed since the warehouse received my replacement controllers. I am unable to pair my right controller to my Rift S as the Oculus desktop app requires both controllers to be paired at the same time (this is not the case with Quest users who are able to pair each controller independently using the mobile app). I'm still sitting here without controllers and wondering why I was even asked to mail in the controllers if replacement stock was an issue. My question was not answered when I asked if I could have my original controller back. Instead I was told that my warranty was expired by two years but was approved for an exception, essentially that I should be happy that they even offered to replace them.


However, the cracks were only cosmetic, and I only agreed to send them in when Meta Support told me they could send me replacements for free. I wasn't even looking for replacements, rather had chatted just to see what my options would be should they start to fail. What was a well-intentioned attempt by Meta Support to build brand loyalty by offering replacement controllers out of warranty has instead done the exact opposite and soured my opinion of Meta and their future products.


A major breakdown in internal processes and communication has misled me on expectations and created an unhappy customer left without the ability to use controllers. I have no ETA on when replacement stock will be received and the only used options I see for a replacement left controller on Amazon and Alibaba are $179 & $132 respectively. All of this would have been avoided if Meta Support had simply advised that I was out of warranty and replacement parts were no longer being sold or manufactured. I'm posting here to warn others of falling into the same trap that I did, or that @MetaQuestSupport or @Ryanality will see this post and send this feedback wherever it needs to go to improve future customer experience.


Level 2

Hi Tame , have you had a replacement yet ? I fell into the same trap , sent off my headset for repair 3 weeks ago to be told they have no stock and no time line for a replacement .