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Official link cable wont charge/sustain battery while playing link.

Level 2
  1. Hello, So i bought a new quest2 a few days ago with the meta link cable that costs 100€. If i plug it into my pc port (strix 570e gaming mobo) it wont charge at all. Doesnt matter if on or off. I tried everything but nothing. The cable is working and my port is working too. I plugged my smartphone into the cable that uses the same port and it can pull about 960mA. So my mobo is working and the cable. I can charge the quest2 if i charge it with the normal charger that comes with in the box. And i can charge it with the 100€ cable if i plug it into the wall. Btw i already got a usb2 type c to a usb and then it can charge if i plug it into the A usb plug from the pc but i get 500mA max. Yea i know usb2 is not enough but i just wanted to adress that. I can play max 1:30 hours in alyx if fully charged. Doesnt matter if the cable is connected as it pulls 0mA. Yes i also unchecked the data transfer option, uninstalled adb drivers, bios update, chipset update etc. Im going psycho as i have read propably 200+ sites of people saying buy a pcie usb hub or this usb c to a cable blablabla. I just need the one and real answer now without spending another 500k to have a playable quest2 experience without disconnecting every 2 hours. What should i do? I really dont want to buy a nother cable like kuject or jsaux. I got the best cable u can get as its official. I saw so many people complain with a 570 motherboard just like me. And a lot of people said it started around 2021 update v.26 i think. So yea please if you also investigated the problem like me. i really beg you to give me a fix. Sincerely phaxy.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @Phaxyy! It's never pleasant for us to learn that the link cable isn't charging properly for you, but we'd like to work with you to resolve the issue so that you can resume enjoying a complete VR experience. You did state that you are using a USB 2 port, however the connection usage criteria are 3.0 USB ports, so check that out. We suggest switching to the USB 3.0 port, updating your graphic card's drivers, and restarting your computer and headset. If these actions were successful, kindly let us know. If the issue continues, please open a support ticket and provide a copy of your computer's log so that our team can investigate this further.