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Only able to see 10 of my synced photos at a time

Level 2

Before the last software up date I could see all my synced photos on the app going back 15ish days. Now I can only see the last 10 photos that have synced. I take a lot of photos in vrchat and want to save them to my iPhone but I’m unable to see them all to do that. I constantly have to go into files and unsync pictures then resync them 10 at a time it’s very annoying. 


Level 2

I also have this problem. Is there a fix for this?

Hey there @DigitalDarkroom, we understand you are having issues syncing your media as well. We understand how inconvenient this may be, but we're here to assist you all that we can. Can you please attempt the following?


To automatically sync all media:

  1. Select       
  2. Select the Files app.
  3. In the Recents panel, select    to turn on automatic media syncing.
  4. Select    again, to turn automatic sync off.

To manually sync individual media:

  1. Select       
  2. Select the Files app.
  3. Find the media that you want to sync, select  white horizontal three dot  then select Sync.

Hope this information was useful. If the problem persist, please let us know.