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Onscreen keyboard not usable in Core 2 desktop

Level 5
Going through the instructions and opening a keyboard with the icone at the bottom right. But rather than a large keyboard that I can "type" on with the Touch controllers, I get the usually tiny Windows on-screen keyboard in a window. I don't seem to be able to enlarge it or move it around, and it's a pain to even type a single word by pointing at the letters in this tiny space. Also, when i try to close the window, it just keeps popping open again.

What am I missing? Thanks.

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Hey there,

- The virtual keyboard appears only on the desktop screen, unless you activate the "pull-out window" experiment in Dash settings.

- If you opened the virtual keyboard with the Oculus button, you have to use that same button to close it. That's stupid, but that's how it is for now ^^'.

- For the size, I also have this problem, even in Virtual Desktop. But you should actually be able to enlarge it. Aim at the edge of the window and press the index trigger.

- Finally, for now, the virtual keyboard is simply not fit for VR use. I would suggest you sit down and use the real keyboard. It requires some blind skills though, as you can't see it with the headset on xD! (We really need a 3D virtual desktop, like the one in Rec Room...)

Level 5
I'm on the desktop screen. No virtual keyboard .