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Option for Multiple Accounts and App Sharing does not appear

Level 2

Title, I have every other feature experimental or otherwise on this headset, but in the experimental features tab there is no toggle for the multiple accounts and app sharing option and so I can't use either of those features. Have had headset for years, have factory reset and nothing changed. No previous forum post has been helpful. Yes, I have scrolled down and reached the bottom of the menu. Factory reset did not help in any way.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there ILLUMISNIPER! It appears that you are having issues with adding multiple accounts and app sharing. We know just how inconvenient this can be and we'd love to help you out with this! You can click here and this public article will provide you with all of the information and instructions for multiple accounts and app sharing. If you happen to have any further questions or concerns after visiting that page, please let us know! We are always happy to help!

Level 2

The option to turn app sharing and multiple accounts literally does not appear. The instructions to turn on the feature consist of "turn on the feature in your settings menu" but there is no option or toggle to turn it on in experimental for me. I don't know how much more clear I could be.

Hey, hey! Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. Just to gain some clarification on our end, can you explain what you mean by experimental? Also, were you able to pull up the link we provided and follow the instructions for adding multiple accounts as well as app sharing. In order to turn on app sharing, the account on your device has to be the admin account. Can you confirm this for us as well? We'll be standing by in order to offer further assistance!

Hello, @ILLUMISNIPER. We're sending you a follow-up to make sure everything went well because we want to make sure your problems were resolved. Please let us know if you need any help so we can be there for you.

I meant the experimental settings page in the settings menu on the quest 2, which is normally where you're supposed to turn on the feature for app sharing and multiple accounts, at least according to friends with headsets who I asked and also several online official and unofficial articles. I did click on the link and read the entire page in full several times, but when I open settings there is no page for accounts. There is a manage accounts page that I click on but it is only to link other meta products, not to add accounts or to share apps. I can attach screenshots if that's necessary, since I'm assuming that what I view on my menu isn't the standard view that most people get. I'm unsure how to check if the account on my device is the admin account, but it is the only account on my device and I set it up with that account only.

Thanks for the update. Being that app sharing/adding an account is no longer in experimental settings, it would be best to check the Quick settings panel.

As for a screenshot of the "Accounts" button missing, it would be more than helpful to for us to get a closer look at what you're seeing in your settings page.