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I just ordered A Quest 2 for my Granddaughters Birthday.  It says unable to complete.  Why?


I'm afraid you haven't given any any useful information at all so there is no way to help. It's like saying "Something has happened - explain it!".


Did you try more than once? Does it do this every time you try? Might it have been a problem with your payment method? Have you checked with your bank in case they declined the transaction? Tried an alternative payment menthod if you have one? Could a temporary internet failure have interfered with the encrypted connection?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there!


As mentioned by the previous user, we will need a bit more info to be able to pinpoint what might've caused this. We want to help so here's a few we can try to eliminate:


  • Have you tried more than once?
  • Does the card have sufficient funds?
  • Could there be a block from your financial institution?
  • Did your internet lose connection when attempting to complete the purchase?
  • Have you tried a different card?
  • Is this a prepaid/refillable card?

 We want to help get this fixed. We don't want to keep your granddaughter from enjoying the world of VR and becoming a member of the Oculus family.