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Out-Of-The-Box Left Joystick driifting , doesn't seem to be visibly stuck in position.

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Basically the title. Got the Quest 2 on 12/31/23, I stream Rumble from my steam account through air link, and play in same room as my computer. Whenever I use the movement stick in any way, there’s a decent chance my guy will start moving to the right afterwards, always to the right of my current view.

Some other details:

1) If I turn my head, it will move in the direction of the new right.

2) Movement input works normally when being actively used, even while this is happening.

3) Seems to last indefinitely or close enough to it when left alone, using the joystick again is what stops it, but often keeps going after I stop using it again instead.

4) When I switched the movement/direction-of-view ability between the joysticks, my view is what shifted, still to the right. This stopped on its own after a while, but also happens each time I load in without prompting.

5) Tried streaming No Man's Sky as well, my view was constantly going nuts and wouldn't stop, I can only assume that is controlled by the left joystick in that game.

6) I also moved from Windows 11 to 10 the same night to fix an issue where the game would buffer/freeze. This worked, but I wasn't having this current issue before 10 I don't think.

7) I have the newest GeForce Game Ready Driver installed on my pc, and tried rebooting the joystick, as well as de- and re-syncing it.

😎 Device bought from Target, didn't say used.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Please excuse the smug emoji, I was trying to make the 8th point for my list and didn't realize it had autocorrected.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @BaddaBingBop! We would like to congratulate you on your recent Quest 2 purchase, and we welcome you to our wonderful VR community! Experiencing drift is only okay when in a racing game, and we know how this must be affecting your VR gaming. We want to get you back to a smooth PCVR experience as soon as possible.


Before we begin troubleshooting your controller's drift issues, there are a few things we would like to confirm in order to determine the proper troubleshooting to begin with. Please answer the following:

  • What troubleshooting steps have you already attempted?
  • Are you having drift issues while in Standalone mode?
  • Are you having the same issue while connected to PCVR through a link cable?

We also do not recommend using Steam VR, as it is known to cause issues for our users. If you wish to play the games in your Steam game library, then we suggest using Steam Link, which you can get through the Meta Store. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Hi there, we wanted to follow up with you to see if you still need help with the drifting you are experiencing with your Quest 2 controller. Let us know; we are here to help!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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