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PC Oculus Store issues, unable to download most past titles:

Heroic Explorer

For the past month I continue to have issues with downloading past titles. I have many great games I would like to play that state "Sorry we can't install ____ Please visit Oculus Support. I have done fresh installs, installed on a separate computer. Reset my network.  Nothing more I can do on my end. I also completed past support tickets submitting logs with no resolution. 


Anyone else going through this? I hope Meta updates the storefront and fixes these issues. Several hundred paid purchases since 2016 and most do not download. The storefront also has an issue where you are unable to download past titles (at least for me). It says get in text but no button to obtain, and no button on the actual page to purchase or download. Thank you. I am wondering if others are experiencing the same. I hate to make additional purchases and have them abandoned in the future with no ability to download. I will have to look towards other platforms if this isn't resolved. 

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Only tried HLA from steam so far. Seems fine.

I use VD, seems like a very good program for running games.


I guess it depends on what Oculus intention is. If they push the wireless envelope and we get an oculus 3 or whatever in 2024 or 2025 then this early content is what you'd expect it to run so maintaining it seems logical imo.

Alyx works great in VD but Airlink, not so much

Of course we are not happy about it. But it's definitely hurting them more than it's hurting us.


Beside Oculus_RianS's appologies and daily updates, not much acknowledgement from meta either. Games developers, and especialy those with exclusive content on this platform should be furious about it. Not much acknowledgement from them either. I've only seen a post from an Elite Dangerous official. However, they made a mess, and 2 weeks to repair it is'nt surprising. 


For exclusive content, there's not much of a choice. But since this event, I bought Arizona Sunshine. My plan was to buy it for the Quest2, but instead I bought it on SteamVR.

I had to play Alyx in Airlink because I had a bug in the left lense with VD. Had to tweek it at first but it was great.


Alyx is a VR masterpiece. Likely my greatest video game of all time!

For PCVR titles, when there is a choice, I will almost always buy a game on Steam before I will buy from the Oculus store.  There are a few exceptions, however.


  • Oculus exclusives.  Obviously if you want to play an Oculus exclusive title, you'll have to purchase through the Oculus store.   Lone Echo, Lone Echo II, and Asgard's Wrath are examples of this.
  • Cross-buy titles.  I have a Quest 2, but I also have a native PCVR headset.  Getting both the Quest native version and PC version for the same price is a nice plus.  "Walking Dead: Saint's & Sinners" is a good example.

Oculus just needs to fix the root cause, so this doesn't keep happening.  Looking back through some history in these support forums, while the issues may not have been as widespread in the past, this is definitely not the first time this issue has occurred.


Yes Lone Echo in particular seems to have had previous issues. 

I love Asgard's Wrath and was looking forward to trying some of the crossplay. I am considering getting some cirrective lenses in the new year for my headset but I was excited to try some more text heavy games on the pcvr as its much clearer on Asgard's Wrath than anything I've played on standalone.


Lament for Lone Echo

We just wants a go

So fix us the download

Then let us all know



Same. I contacted support about it so I hope they will take a look at Rock Band VR specifically. I suggest you do the same thing!

Honored Guest

I am also having this issue, just got the quest 2 and can play through SteamVR but cant install anything purchased or downloaded for free through oculus app.  I tried the wait and see approach, but this is day 4 and still not working. Tried 2 different PCs, registry permissions, firewall, malware, antivirus toggling, pc reboots, oculus reboots, app install and reinstall, trying different install locations, etc.  Nodda, nothin, no bueno.  

I ended up getting elite dangerous on steam and using oculus link to play through SteamVR.  quality is great and plays great from PC, definite recommend 🙂 

Useful to know. I'll take a look. 

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