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PC Oculus Store issues, unable to download most past titles:

Heroic Explorer

For the past month I continue to have issues with downloading past titles. I have many great games I would like to play that state "Sorry we can't install ____ Please visit Oculus Support. I have done fresh installs, installed on a separate computer. Reset my network.  Nothing more I can do on my end. I also completed past support tickets submitting logs with no resolution. 


Anyone else going through this? I hope Meta updates the storefront and fixes these issues. Several hundred paid purchases since 2016 and most do not download. The storefront also has an issue where you are unable to download past titles (at least for me). It says get in text but no button to obtain, and no button on the actual page to purchase or download. Thank you. I am wondering if others are experiencing the same. I hate to make additional purchases and have them abandoned in the future with no ability to download. I will have to look towards other platforms if this isn't resolved. 

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A little patience? This has been ongoing since November/December. It's rather pathetic that a company as rich & "talented" as Oculus/Meta has taken this long to fix it.


In fact, it's been made worse for users on Windows 11, as it's now no longer possible to even install the software, whereas last week you couldn't update/install anything, but at least you could use Air Link to play the games you OWNED.


Absolute joke IMO, and I will be making a stance on this, as should others.


Not good enough.

This is the biggest slap in the face I have ever seen. We have been pleading about these issues for months and finally get SOMETHING and it's the most unhelpful, non useful, blatant WRONG information.
I've tried this on several computers. The DLC is not on your servers. you lost it. fix your system. Read through 45 pages of issues and please provide ACTUAL guidance



@MetaQuestSupport @Ryanality one more time for the people pleading for answers 


The fact is, Oculus lost the files, and are requesting developers reupload to oculus servers. but if the developers also don't have the files (like rock band vr dlc) here we are.
Apparently this is just lost to time forever I guess.

Prove me wrong


Shiver me Timbers matey 😉 they screw you, you screw them. Simple.

too bad the issue is the dlc.

Factory reset???

Up until now I thought we were talking about PC games in this could I be so wrong....sarcasm out


You guys should really read before posting your template answers everywhere.

Retired Support

Hey everyone, that reply from the Support Team looks well intentioned, but perhaps misguided. I'll check in there, but most likely the agent didn't read carefully enough to note that this is the PC library thread and gave the guidance for a Quest 2 issue. Most of the titles impacted by this issue have been corrected now, but there are still some that haven't been able to be fixed yet. The team is still working on it, but I don't have a specific new update for you all.

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