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PC Oculus Store issues, unable to download most past titles:

Heroic Explorer

For the past month I continue to have issues with downloading past titles. I have many great games I would like to play that state "Sorry we can't install ____ Please visit Oculus Support. I have done fresh installs, installed on a separate computer. Reset my network.  Nothing more I can do on my end. I also completed past support tickets submitting logs with no resolution. 


Anyone else going through this? I hope Meta updates the storefront and fixes these issues. Several hundred paid purchases since 2016 and most do not download. The storefront also has an issue where you are unable to download past titles (at least for me). It says get in text but no button to obtain, and no button on the actual page to purchase or download. Thank you. I am wondering if others are experiencing the same. I hate to make additional purchases and have them abandoned in the future with no ability to download. I will have to look towards other platforms if this isn't resolved. 

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And what about the software deleting all download progress if the connection is disturbed? 

Do you have the ability to bring this issue up to the people who can make changes?

Then why is this issue marked as solved? Clearly it is not, even after months.
When will Oculus admit they had a server outage and lost game files and can no longer provide them until the developer can provide them to Oculus again.
Why can I still spend $60 on Rock Band VR DLC that just renders my game unplayable because it wont install.
Why does this issue feel like it's being swept under the rug.
Why can't you be transparent instead of sitting here with your customers blowing smoke.
"The team is still working on it"
Well it's been months maybe you should add more people to that team

Hi, i have send 26 mail to Oculus support, ArnieT follow my case (4386109), this is the last mail of Oculus support: 


 I have send many information about my different testing with Oculus Home, Oculus web store and different tool: Oculus Downgrader (with this tool i have with success download Rock BAND VR but without dlc), Downquest chrome extension.


I have send many problem with EVEREST VR impossible to download with Oculus Home and with others tool (in fact with DownQuest & Oculus Downgrader i have Download a part of the game files). And The Vanishing of Ethan carter impossible to download. The major issue it's the missing dlc files of Rock BAND VR who crash the game download with Oculus Home for RIFT CV1 !!!


We want just play with our games purchase on Oculus store.


Heroic Explorer

I can confirm after several days that the Public Beta Test Channel update to V. 38 lets me add apps to the library that were previously downloaded in 2021 for me. They remain on the dashboard upon closure where before when you closed the app everything in the library vanished. This is new so maybe this is slowly being worked on.


The library itself however does not populate whatsoever. When adding we each file individually they are now showing. Also adding an entire drive with 400+ downloads populates as 0 in setting still. 


However, none of them launch and they all continue to fail "Entitlement Checks" for these purchased games. 


The Mobile App for Rift S Section: Remains royally bricked, errors from greyed out, to installed queued to "remote launch not available". It's completely broken still. This has been replicated on ios, Android and several devices. 


The Storefront for Rift S remains just as broken as before as well. 


@OculusSupport @Oculus_RyanS Do we know if these issues are being worked on for V. 38 for the Rift S?


Library not populating/Store issues:


Mobile App: Rift S Section Bricked:


As stated before this is definitely not on my end as it's been replicated on a two different PCs with no prior Oculus software. It appears however it could be profile related in addition as not everyone has this exact issue. Also installs have been  an entirely different network/PCs while troubleshooting since early December 21.


Thank you! 


I was using Windows 11 and ran into a myriad of issues with a complete lack of effective support from Oculus/Meta support. I downgraded to Windows 10, as apparently that was the holy grail of Oculus support.....but nah! Still absolute rubbish with the exact same issues.


This current version of Oculus Desktop (Windows 10 & 11) is BROKEN for some users, but not all.



Heroic Explorer

I'd like to report some good news. Through the Test Beta my library has returned! 


@Ryanality @MetaQuestSupport 


Kudos to the team that was able to resolve this. 


There are still a number of OVR/download errors but this was a nice surprise after several months.


I noticed also that Air Link was performing much better than before the outage.


The Storefront also seems to have been patched. 


I honestly thought this would have been solved nearly 3 months ago, this server outage must have been much worse than thought. 


Let's hope the remaining download issues become fixed soon and no one here has to  go through these headaches again. We are back to  the core issue initially stated, however significant progress has been made overall.  I definitely will be much more careful of any further purchases and which stores I will buy from. I'll leave it at that. 


Sweet news. I've been watching along. Hope the rest gets sorted but really pleased for you.

I'm really happy for you.....seems it comes finally to an good end for you and the other who still have problems with downloading.


It took long enough....


I still can't download Rock Band VR DLC

Like i said before, i have successfully download the base game Rock BAND VR with the UNOFFICIAL TOOL: "Oculus Downgrader" but not the dlc.


When i clic play game, i have a message to "update my game". If i clic "yes now" i have a notification error "download failed..please contact Oculus support". If i clic "update later" i can play my game but without dlc.


Unfortunately Everest VR & The Vanishing of Ethan carter i can't download the games with or without Oculus Home. 


Same state since ....long time and zero repair from Oculus.

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