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PC Oculus Store issues, unable to download most past titles:

Level 7

For the past month I continue to have issues with downloading past titles. I have many great games I would like to play that state "Sorry we can't install ____ Please visit Oculus Support. I have done fresh installs, installed on a separate computer. Reset my network.  Nothing more I can do on my end. I also completed past support tickets submitting logs with no resolution. 


Anyone else going through this? I hope Meta updates the storefront and fixes these issues. Several hundred paid purchases since 2016 and most do not download. The storefront also has an issue where you are unable to download past titles (at least for me). It says get in text but no button to obtain, and no button on the actual page to purchase or download. Thank you. I am wondering if others are experiencing the same. I hate to make additional purchases and have them abandoned in the future with no ability to download. I will have to look towards other platforms if this isn't resolved. 

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Level 7

I know I failed to put much play time into some of these games  but I am also noticing quite a few bugs where the games that I do have downloaded no longer launch. Some launch into a report sequence to a support page like Feral Rights for Insomniac. There are a few with no problems so it's just some of the library. Each VR game in my Steam Library has had 0 issues. I suspect this to be server issues or much needed maintenance for the PC store/launcher. Disappointed. My hope is Meta will streamline all headsets for one centralized library/launcher and fixes will be coming. If it's been abandoned I will also abandon anymore Quest 2 purchases and will solely go with Steam/PSVR.


In addition: These PC games should no longer be sold if they don't work or you can't download. I have seen many minor issues the past 5 years but nothing like this. 

Level 5

Same problem, I can't download Lone Echo.

Yes there is definitely something broken. No idea if it is server or client side.

Level 2

Haaaaaaa, It's so weird !!

Some work (materpiece VR) and some just don't want to work (Battlezone, Lone Echo).

Level 6

Same issue here as of today, frustrating

Same issue here as of today, frustrating

I'm still working through the issue with support for my Lone Echo install...they keep asking me to change things on my PC, which I know isn't likely to help, but I'm going through the steps and sending in the logs just to keep the process moving forward.


I've counted over a dozen unique users reporting this same problem across several different threads here in the Community Forums just in the past 48 hours. Someone new chimes in every few hours

OK so the software in installed now.. but cant ins... - Oculus Community - 899085 (


There are others complaining about the same issue on Reddit, but hard to say how many of those are the same users here, but with different usernames.


There are likely many others who haven't found their way to the forums.


Well, maybe the backend server support guys don't work weekends, but fingers crossed someone at Meta can get this sorted out come Monday.

Yup, same issue with the Lone Echo game I just purchased.

And I'm connected via Oculus Link cable.


This needs to be resolved forthwith, Oculus!

Hey everyone! We appreciate your patience as our team is working on resolving this issue. We know how frustrating this must be for you all, and we want to assure you that we are working on this. It will be a couple more days until the databases that these games are stored on will be fully restored. If you are still facing these download issues after Wednesday (12/15/21) please submit a support ticket with us so we can look into this deeper. 

Great to hear this is being addressed. Thanks OculusSupport! I will never take these games for granted again once this is fixed!