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PC sound not working after opening/installing the Oculus desktop app

Level 2

Please help, i have tried to restart my computer almost 3 times already and not sure where to go next. I use headphones so i thought that it had broken but when i put on my speakers the same issue happened.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Oh-uh! This is not the experience we want you to have at all. No worries, we can work together to get you back on your awesome VR device! 


We appreciate you letting us know the steps you have provided already. We want you to submit a ticket in our Meta Store Support to get connected with one of our amazing agents through a live chat, or even schedule a call back! 


You can also check this link here to check the requirements for the PC and here for more information! 


We can't wait to see you once again in the VR world! 

Level 2

Afternoon Samsp9


I experienced the same issue. After using my Quest 2, I no longer had PC audio (OS Windows 11). 

Problem: It seems the Oculus driver stack, changes the system audio input and output destinations, without restoring them to their original settings after use. (As I'd expect).

Fix: I manually return to system settings and restore my audio IO values too "normal", each time I use the Quest. It's inconvenient but that may be the source of the problem.  Included a screenshot of where to update the settings. 

I hope this helps. Best luck.

Screenshot 2022-10-19 122847.png