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PCVR Performance LINK CABLE ( QUEST 2 )

Level 2



I am playing TWD Saints and Sinners via Quest 2 ( bought on steam vr ), cable test score over 2 Gbps , but I strugle to find the performance I think are right for my system ( playing at 90 Hz no change to resolution ) , but I have tried anything from lowering the resolution to 0.7 and reduciing everything in game ( all low, 0.5 resolution )


Still I can not get 90 fps stable, for example when I exit the bus ad looking at all 3 workbench I have a significant performance drop ( 60 fps ) and ASW kick in , no other apps are running in backuground


My specs;

i7 4790

24 GB DDR3

RTX 3060 Ti ( founders edition )

Game is on ssd


I know  the cpu is bit old, what do you think is this normal?




Level 13

4th gen i7 and the 24gb of ddr3. That gpu is good but everything else is the bottleneck.


16gb of ddr4 is better than 24gb ddr3. You also should be at gen 8 and above cpu 

I agree the cpu and ram are the bottkleneck , but I am not using 100% of my cpu, what I noticed is that when I moving back and forth in a complex scene the stutter kick in if I let stabilize without moving fps go back to normal


vr performance.jpg