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PLEASE HELP!!! Looking for Educational Apps

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I work in a middle school and we recently purchased four, Oculus Quest 2 headsets. We are looking for some educational apps that can go hand-in-hand with what our students are learning about.


Before we purchased the headsets, we fell in love with Google Expeditions. Sadly, the app no longer exists. I heard some of the content was moved to Google's Arts and Culture section but I had a hard time finding anything. We'd really love to go on virtual field trips and explore historical landmarks and cities. Is there anything like that available on the Quest 2? I have browsed the store but the selection seems quite limited and very little pertaining to education.


It's extremely disheartening that Expeditions is no longer available. It was fantastic and offered our teachers so much content. It was pretty much the whole reason we bought the headsets. Now, I feel like we have very little use for them.


I am aware of a program called Thinglink that you can take a 360 picture and add interactive data points, very similar to Expeditions. Perhaps that is something we could look into? Has anyone tried that?


I'm also aware that there are many 360 videos on YouTube. It would be great to have everything condensed and available in one app, but I'm just not sure there's a better way for us to go.


If anyone here can recommend any apps that we can try or just some general VR advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Try searching for content on App Lab. It is a platform Oculus and SideQuest collaborated on and has additional content, including a category of educational content. 

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I, too, am interested in educational applications. I'm a student myself and I'm sure it can help me with my studies.