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PTC 41.113 breaks bitrate over 500


I use 960 mbit in ODT and in 40.105 it works fine

But in beta PTC 41.113 it dos't works! Any bitrate over 500 works like 500mb only

rollback to release firmware :(((Снимок экрана (14).png


Heroic Explorer

That's most likely intentional as anything over 500mb had no affect and was never officially supported. 500mb has always been the soft limit

Heroic Explorer

Besides that, since v23 encode resolution width has been set automatically based on your set resolution and 3664 is the 1:1 while anything above has little effect 

@Banana4Bananas  Ya, anything beyond 3664 with a Q2 does nothing to improve clarity, esp. if you already have the oculus desktop app device graphics res slider full right anyway.


@huliqan  Link bitrates higher than 300-350mbps do very little as well imho.  All higher values do is increase latency and produce more lost frames.  Depending on the game/sim this can result in a lot of stuttering and instability.  If Meta has now put a 500mbps limit they probably have good reason to do this since our current usb3/3.1/3.2 tech cannot handle higher streaming data transfer rates and likewise current gpu's encoders can also bottleneck all this.  Maybe when usb4/thunderbolt 4, together with faster gpu encoders (nvidia 4000-5000 series?) then this limit may be improved upon.  Of course the trend to produce higher resolution and higher refresh rate headsets may make this necessary anyway.  Time will tell I guess. 

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Link and Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers

Yeah that has absolutely not been my experience but it requires Oculus Tray Tool to work properly from the looks of it. When I'm using OTT I most definitely see a big difference with bitrates north of 500 Mbps and very high resolutions. You must however have a fast USB cable and the hardware to support it obviously. The rig your running for instance 9900k/3090 would 100% show an improvement using OTT. 


EDIT: I am talking Link Cable --only--, AirLink makes absolutely no difference and in fact you generally degrade your experience badly attempting to boost AirLink bitrates. But the visual clarity difference between LinkCable + OTT vs. AirLink is night & day and the OTT performance metrics in the graph bear that out entirely.

@Burninaytor  I have used OTT for +4 years starting with a Rift cv1 and I’ve continued to use it with my Q2 (link and air link).  I think OTT is a very useful free tool and I just wish Oculus would incorporate it into its software.


I have done a lot of experimenting with link bitrate settings using the official optical link cable (2.8Gbps usb speed test), and a lot of headset display monitoring of performance and pixels.  I have never seen any visual improvements north of 500mbps and in fact, very little beyond 300-350.  All I get with higher bitrates is higher latency and an increase in lost frames.  If you get better results with higher bitrates that’s great.  Just not what I see using link with my Q2/rtx3090.  Might be because I already have the res slider full right and this is already giving me effectively native resolution.  I also use 80Hz refresh for everything btw.


I’m currently mainly using Air Link these days with 200mbps dynamic bitrate.  The clarity of distant objects is not quite as good and I sometimes see a few more artifacts but I find the freedom of wireless more than makes up for its few downsides. Hopefully when we get faster 6Ghz (WiFi 6e) and 7Ghz (WiFi 7) in the near future higher bitrates with Air Link will be possible.


Anyway, just my opinions based on my experience.  As always with PCVR, your results and opinions may differ and there’s nothing wrong with that imho.  Cheers mate.

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Link and Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers

You are wrong! When setting 960MB(from reg-file), there really is so much! You can check it in Process Hacker!!!

And it works fine in Oculus 40.105 and in Oculus 41.88beta , but dos't work in Oculus 41.113 !!!(((

I use 3790 and it works fine with 960mb(103.81 x 8 = 830.48mb real bitrate coding )Снимок экрана (27).png

banding in DCS World(on the sky) with 500mb and no banding with 960!!!

Why do you need OTT if there is ODT?

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