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PTC V62 issues (120hz and Unity Editor VR mode issue)

Expert Protege

I have noticed opting into the PTC v62 does not show 120hz as an option, it only works for 120hz when opting out and then it'll auto download the meta link update which somehow shows 120hz option on the old "oculus" version of the app. I am updated on both the headset ptc and the pcvr app to v62.





You can see on the new version (meta logo seen in left corner, 120hz is not an option) but old verison it is after it downloads the meta link update when downgrading for some reason allows 120hz to be selectable, which is strange.

In addition, my old Unity Project which is on 2021.3.10.f1 and uses old Unity Integration is now broken and the play button in the editor just freezes the entire project (I cannot upgrade it at this time to new version due to Unity scripts needing this version) and the build release also doesn't work with the passthrough developer settings turned on anymore.


Heroic Explorer

Oh, you're right. PTC v62 doesn't have 120Hz option. But official v60 has it. But... the 120Hz option doesn't seem to work actually. I checked FPS with 120Hz. Actual FPS is still 90.

Interesting, I didn't realize it was actually only at 90hz when setting the 120hz on the downgrade here. Hopefully this isn't an issue when it officially releases on Feb 7th. Still can't select 120hz at all on ptc v62.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support
Don't worry be happy.

I don't have 120hz in Meta Quest Link pc app for my Quest 3. Headset and PC App is up to date