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PTC v56+57 - Flashing white/colored pixel artifact problem (introduced around v53)

Expert Protege

I just updated to PTC v56, and as per the instructions in the recent PTC v56 Un-Megathread request by the Community Manager, I am posting this to its own thread with the PTC Tags.

I can report that there has been no perceivable change in the ongoing problem identified as the "Flashing white/colored pixel" artifacts problem (which seems to manifest mostly on the right side of the lens display in a random vertical line position, seemingly made worse by head movement). I am currently using a Unity built VR 180 immersive player (with an exoplayer plugin) for a VR180 H265 video file,  and the issue still occurs for me as before with no change or improvement since updating to v56.

I hope others will be able to report on this known problem with their experiences in Virtual Desktop, Airlink, VR Chat, rec room, Skybox and a bunch of other games it was previously identified on (and for where this issue is being reported and discussed on the dedicated app forums/discords for those  apps also).


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Something I would like to report that may help the engineering team narrow this down. Whenever I do a factory reset, the pixels/static will be completely absent, it works as it should. But, the VERY SECOND you use any form of airlink/quest link, BAM, its back. It seems that whatever this issue is, airlink/quest link triggers it. Once its been triggered it will happen even in standalone mode, but if you've freshly reset your headset and DO NOT use air/quest link it works flawlessly. Please guys, fix this, we're coming up on 2 months and its still an issue. I'm tired of not knowing when or even if we'll get a fix for this or if it's even a high priority. I got to enjoy a fully functioning Quest Pro that I just bought for all but 1 week before this nightmare began. I'm tired and frustrated and it feels like I just have to wait for another PTC or version post and even still the problem isn't even mentioned in the release notes. Now I see that meta is ending production of the quest pro. I can't say I will be a returning customer if this keeps up, I am becoming unhappy with my purchase and would've rather spent my money elsewhere if I knew this was the experience I was paying for. 


Have tired every setting possible in Debug tool and it's still there no matter what I do.


I have same artefacts problem flashing pixels...


My PTC v56 Quest 2 has had this issue since v53.  Seems most frequent during dark scenes or dark areas of the screen and/or while under load.

Please resolve this, we have a big project on hold because of this. I know Meta will probably cease production soon of the Pro  model, but please in all due respect resolve this issue for the people who stepped up to your product. I also am living the problem with the headjack app (H.265 and exoplayer)

The issue seems especially acute for immersive video like H.265 and exoplayer... but I can confirm that the problem occurs on both  Quest 2  and Quest Pro, and therefore Meta will hopefully have a strong interest in providing a fix for the entire user base of both models.

I am in the same boat as you... and I thank you and everyone else who has begun to add to this thread recently - I believe every comment will help to let the Meta Quest teams know how widespread this is for the specific apps it affects, and the impact on specific businesses in the VR education and training sector not just VR Gaming (which are all important).

Thank you, in my research I can say that it seems that High contrast/detail enhances the bug. 


Hello, did some testing.
Headjack app (Exoplayer)
The issue is visible on h.264 video also, exactly the same as h.265 if there is enough detail in the image. I used the original file (h.264 5760x5760 30fps video file)
3840 video is too soft (or lower res )and does not seem to trigger the display problem.

Expert Protege

About a month ago @Ryanality wrote in the V55 official release thread:

"Just checked in with the team and there should be a partial fix with some improvements coming to PTC soon. The team is also working on a larger fix for the artifacts which I think will take a little longer. I'll let you know when I hear more that I can share."

Could I ask the Meta Quest Support members  @Ryanality or @BlueberrieSmoothie    on an update for a potential fix for this longstanding issue?

Currently this problem is by far the most viewed thread in the PTC issue threads (which we were asked to create from the PTC v56 Un-Megathread), with about 780 views presently compared to approx 100 to 300 for most other PTC issues.

Hey Dave200S, it is still being worked on! I don't have a meaningful update to share today, but I'll check in with the team to see if there's anything new I might be able to share. The issue has been reproduced by some team members, which is always a positive sign in the process. If they can reproduce it, they can get better logs and dig into the cause. 

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