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PTC v63 - DCS crashes on Link



This is a cross post from my post in the PCVR forum from 16/2/24. As reported by others, a version of the v63 PTC (at the time, an update released on 15/2/24) caused a crash to desktop when running Digital Combat Simulator. Switching off the public test channel fixed the problem.

Now that v63 is being released as stable, has this issue been addressed?

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I got the update tonight and can no longer use VR with my Quest 2 and DCS.  Tried everything.  This better get fixed or some word from someone.  

Same problem here with Quest 3. My headset is still V62 as I have automatic updates turned off. However, the PC Quest Link software got updated to V63 and DCS will no longer load/run. You can edit the options.lua file in saved games config to turn VR off and start DCS again. I am now back to TrackIR until something gets fixed.

I am right there with you. Quest 3 was working GREAT in DCS until V63. My headset is still V62 (auto updates turned off) but my PC app Quest Link got V63 last night and all is dead in DCS now. Give me V62 of QuestLink back on my PC!!!!

You can get DCS back functional by editing the options.lua file in the Config directory of DCS Saved Games. Use an editor like Notepad++ and set VR Enable to false and DCS will start back up fine - just not VR. I hope you have TrackIR or something similar until this gets resolved.

In my environment, when I installed v63, DCS no longer started.

私の環境でも V63にアップデートされて、DCSが起動しなくなりました。
C:\Users\<name>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\options.lua の  ["VR"] >  ["enable"] を true から false に変更して、VRを使用しない設定にすることで、DCS 自体は起動させることは可能でした。ただし、VRでは使用できないので、meta もしくは、Eagle Dynamics が問題の修正を行うまで、VRでの利用はできないようです。


I have been playing in VR with virtual desktop (paid app).  Until DCS does their next update (they acknowledge the issue but not doing a hotfix) using link cable or air link is broken.  I think I was getting better results with link cable (latency and performance wise) but at least I can play VR DCS....  1st world problems...

DCS acknowledge the issue but are not releasing a hotfix, will probably be broken until the next DCS update.  Only way I can get VR to work in DCS at the moment is using Virtual Desktop (paid app).  It works fine.  Link cable and airlink not working.  (Quest 3)  Rolling back to oculus software to version 62 used to work but no way to do that now.....

I was able to successfully roll back to V62 yesterday. Had to manually do it but it worked. 

My headset is still V62 but the PC app got updated to V63 and crashed DCS. Were you able to roll back the PC app?

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