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PTC v63 - DCS crashes on Link



This is a cross post from my post in the PCVR forum from 16/2/24. As reported by others, a version of the v63 PTC (at the time, an update released on 15/2/24) caused a crash to desktop when running Digital Combat Simulator. Switching off the public test channel fixed the problem.

Now that v63 is being released as stable, has this issue been addressed?

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This guy's solution worked for me this morning. Read the thread about stopping Oculus service. Just copy and paste his files into the existing directories mentioned. I just flew with no problem.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I hopped on this thread. I wanted to keep you guys updated and let you know I brought this up with our engineers since I noticed that a lot of users were coming on this thread with the same predicament and I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything. After following up with the team, they said they would look into this issue. I'm also sorry for the miscommunication in my former posts.

I will be following up with our engineers regularly, asking for updates. In the meantime, it looks like @Jdw.81 provided a workaround for this issue. If you want to try that, I understand.

What can also help our engineers is if you all can let me know what headsets you're using and what the full software version is that they're running on. If you all can share that info, I can relay it to them so they can look into this issue further.

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So, V63 Rolled out and realized my game DCS WORLD no longer launches and crashes when i chose to use OCULUS VR MODE .  The splash screen comes up then the operation kills itself because it no longer able to connect to my Oculus Rift S.

Currently I'm not playing due to this issue. I don't know who else to contact.

DCS is amazing to play in VR and I am only now able to launch in 2D (desktop)  but not in VR anymore.  Like dude says above, whey isnt' there a rollback to continue using v62, that will at least keep us going until a patch comes out.


Quest 3 (headset) with

Quest Link (PC) (recorded while having the DCS crashes)

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DCS VR AND NON VR stopped working for me as well after last updates on DCS and QUEST 3. these are the errors im getting when looking in event viewer. turning off VR in the options.lua file makes the game start up again in NON VR. VR doesnt work. will ask other people with VR if they have issues. meta quest 3 Meta Quest Link App Version (


I have the same issue. Someone commented on my post, saying that Meta may have added some malware detecting software that is keeping DCS from launching. I have no idea who it is even on to fix, or when they'll do it


They're not making money from their customers who play 3rd party games. Apparently they'd rather just lose customers

How are you downgrading to v62 please??

They're not making any money from customers who play third party games. I wonder what other games this affects, if any.

I have no idea if this is true or not, but someone posted on my comment that there is an app called that is keeping DCS from launching

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