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PTC v63 - DCS crashes on Link



This is a cross post from my post in the PCVR forum from 16/2/24. As reported by others, a version of the v63 PTC (at the time, an update released on 15/2/24) caused a crash to desktop when running Digital Combat Simulator. Switching off the public test channel fixed the problem.

Now that v63 is being released as stable, has this issue been addressed?

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The main issue is that Meta doesn’t allow rollback in case their update breaks something. If that was the case those playing DCS with Quests would have the option to go back to V62

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This is how I am using DCS (Steam version) and Quest 2 with V63 in VR with link cable

1) Use Steam VR runtime.

2) Open DCS in desktop mode

3) In DCS settings go to VR tab, enable VR headset.

4) Close program

5) Open Steam library, right click on DCS. In propeties tab select open in MT mode. May not be necessary but reboot computer.

6) Open Oculus app, connect headset, enable link, open Steam and launch DCS from Steam app. I get a lot of flickering but it does open and works perfectly. I have an Nvidia 3060.

This may not work with GPU's that don't support DLSS multithreading.

If you want to access DCS in desktop mode you will have to disable VR headset mode from in DCS settings first (step 3)

Je confirme, problème runtime en version V63 de l'appli PC. La solution apportée avec le copier coller fonctionne pour ma part. Difficile de croire que ce bug ne soit pas pris en compte par Meta. On peut lire dans certains commentaires que la faute est renvoyée vers Eagle Dynamics. Je vois pas très bien le rapport étant donné que toute la communauté jouant en VR à DCS avec le casque Meta en V63 rencontre le même souci au moment de la mise à niveau ... Pas très fair-play tout ça...


Here is a link from a DCS Moderator BIGNEWY explaining the plans DCS has for the crashing issues after the Meta Quest Link App for PC update to 63.0.0



The DCS update has been posted. I'm interested to hear if it fixes everyone's issues. I am still functional with the workaround posted may pages ago. I'm hesitant to allow changes until I hear success.

DCS update fixed my issue - all back to normal while running v63 on my Q3 headset.

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the DCS fix works. Thank you very much

Yes works for me 

How does one update DCS? I thought it was supposed to auto update when your started it.

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This is fantastic news! I'm really glad that there was an update to make the game compatible with v63. With the release of v64 starting to roll out, let us know if you see issues with DCS crashing again in the new update. If you're experiencing problems with v64 related to this, I'll let our engineers know so this can be looked into.

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