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PTC v63 Scoped Storage Update

Expert Protege

I know this will be a controversial topic, but there has been a enormous modding scene on Quest 1, 2 and 3 with people installing Nexus/Other mods into their games without needing a phone or computer.  And the introduction of Scoped Storage in V51 slowed modding for a month with the blocking on /Android/data, but a work around was eventually found with Scoped Storage that allowed access to all the juicy game/files/Mods folders.  But the V63 update has stealth updated Scoped Storage without notice and imposed additional restrictions that are more strict then Android 13.  This update will stop the average of 20k users a day from installing mods on a device they own without needing a computer or phone.

Just to state, if I point Scoped Storage to /Android/data, in the past, it would allow the user to grant access to the folder.  But after V63 it and all children are blocked due to privacy concerns.

Now still, a user can plug into their computer and access the the /Android/data content, which kind of makes locking it up from itself a weird flex of requiring a PC to mod their games.

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Are you "the" Bearski that made a YouTube video on how to install mods for Beat Saber?

If so again - you're doing great job and thank you 

**bleep** this really sucks thanks for making the situation clear tho : )


So as soon as there's an alternative meta loses alot of their customers got it. Good to see meta designing their own downfall, love to see it

That I am, and thanks!


A Michael I'm sorry have to say this modding is over they won't get it to fix it I tried doing my best to help bo nope meta won we lost so goodbye modding r.i.p you will be missed

Honored Guest

I was testing to see if I could get some Code Mods on my Quest 2 for BONELAB on Standalone as I have no pc, but when I went into com.stresslevelzero, it told me to give file access. When I tried, it said "Cannot use this folder" and... "Create a new folder to protect your privacy". This made me annoyed, because I wanted a new mod and this made it so I can't anymore. Meta please help! @meta

It's 100% still possible to mod, you just need a computer or an Android phone

I'm definitely not meta but I can tell u this: 

Meta has distoyed modding and will never come back and what your trying to do there won't work cuz it's been cut off

The only way to do it is with a computer 

Sorry but there's no way )=


U can mod update ur bonelab to patch 4 there is a in game mod thingy there’s not that many mods yet but soon come will be more 


Yeah meta destroyed modding in vr the only way is use a phone or a computer to mod so yeah

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