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Pair problem

Level 2

Hello, I got a problem, I can not pair my oculus quest 2 whit my mobile, i have an IPhone XS …. Can somebody help me please


Level 2

Did you fix this, I have the same problem. 

Level 3


Hey all! We know how discouraging it is to have pairing issues, so we'd be happy to help!

We do want to begin by sharing this is something we've been seeing and keeping track of through this thread here.


With that being said, we can still try and troubleshoot this bad boy.


Could you test out the following:


  1. Restart your headset, then connect the Meta Quest mobile app to your headset.
  2. Go to and click LOG OUT OF ALL SESSIONS. In your headset, you should now see a device code screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your device code. After you log back in, your device should restart - if not, you can manually restart your headset.
  3. Try removing then re-adding the account on your headset. 


If none of those seem to work, please don't hesitate to head over to that thread and post any information you may have on the subject. Thank you. 🙂


Level 4

3 weeks

2nd quest 2 unit tried

'we're working on it' 

is all support says

there are many other posts like this

something is wrong with meta quest

somebody needs to reach out to the zuck

if he cares or not