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Paranormal Activity - Picking things up off the floor and best performance.

Level 2
My girlfriend and I are big fans of the horror genre in VR. Our latest experience was Paranormal Activity, which is an awesome game. It can be a bit difficult when it comes to tracking. I could not find any similar articles after a quick google search so i decided to post my findings.

A few issues i had to do to get the game properly working was to go to power management for my USB ports, and disable windows the ability to shut off power to ports to save energy. Only in this game was I experiencing sensor crashing with these settings turned on. 

For the floor issue, It was a matter of sensor height. I, being 6', and my girlfriend being 5'2", were able to pick up ground items in this game by raising the sensors to approximately 5' off the ground. 

Hope these tips help people in the future. Comment if you have any questions.