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Pausing downloads from Oculus store turns into cancelling download

Honored Guest
Does anyone know why whenever I pause a game that's downloading from the Oculus store, the game restarts the install from scratch?

If the Internet goes out as well, the download will cancel completely, forcing me to restart it. Normally, the Internet goes out 3-4 times daily, and I can't download Asgard's Wrath without it cancelling due to Internet crashes.

It seems odd, because this doesn't happen with Steam or the Origin launcher from EA (recently purchased Star Wars: Battlefront II). Download continued after the Internet crashed.

I experience the same thing, already about 10gb from 14gb, suddently restart to 0 again...

Honored Guest
Im having the exact same issue with Asgard's wrath, did you end up finding a solution? My internet cuts out intermittently and I've got to keep restarting the download. I've now downloaded ~200GB and still havent actually downloaded the game yet (Which is only 80GB).

I didn't realize this issue was so old. Here we are on Quest 2 launch and tons of people can't download the games they paid for. This could have been fixed months ago and the fact that it's gone this long doesn't give me any confidence in their platform.

Honored Guest
I have been having the same issue trying to download Asgard's wrath as well. Hope this issue will get noticed and fixed

Yup, cant get past 1gb , maybe 2, on any bigger games,, only thing that works for us is to drive to a buddy's house to use his cable internet... really a Pain in the rear.

support says they need log files and give me a location to my C: drive on my PC.........  our quest 2's have never been hooked to our pc, only my Cv1.... How in the world do they think that is going to help ? 

Is there a way to download the games files to my PC then transfer to the quest 2 ? I realize they would be in diff format but just a idea.


Quad187 said:

Is there a way to download the games files to my PC then transfer to the quest 2 ? I realize they would be in diff format but just a idea.

 That would be a great workaround, but i don't think such a system exists. 

 So far no big games have suceeded on downloading. It stops at around 3GB. Then it resets. 

Same here . I can't download asgards wrath. It will keep restarting from the very beginning. What a bummer. I've tried like 4 times and got to about 40gb, then something cut the connection And then it restarted.....
I wish the oculus store was as good at downloading as steam.
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