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Persistent Air Link Connection Freezes with Quest 2


I am experiencing a recurring issue with my Quest 2 headset when using the Air Link connection. Approximately one minute after establishing a connection, the display freezes. Temporarily toggling the headset's power can sometimes resume the image movement, but the freezing issue inevitably returns.

I have undertaken several troubleshooting steps without success:

  1. Tested with two different routers over Wi-Fi 5 with various channels: ASUS TUF-AX3000 V2 and ASUS RT-AX82U, experimenting with both 80 MHz and 160 MHz channel bandwidths.
  2. Performed a factory reset (hard reset) of the Quest 2 headset.
  3. Reinstalled the META application for Windows 10.
  4. Disabled the firewall and switched to a more lenient antivirus program.
  5. Updated drivers, BIOS, and cleaned the system of any unnecessary files. My PC runs on a licensed Windows Pro 64-bit.
  6. Adjusted various settings in the OculusDebugTool and META Air Link, including lowering the bitrate.

Notably, I do not encounter freezing issues with Steam Link or Virtual Desktop. My PC configuration is as follows: Ryzen 5 7500F, G.Skill DDR5-6000 32GB (2 x 16GB), Asus TUF Gaming B650M-E, Sapphire PCI-Ex Radeon RX 7800 XT PURE 16GB GDDR6 (256bit) (2475/19500), Crucial P5 Plus NVMe 500GB (system drive), Crucial P3 Plus 1TB M.2 (additional storage), be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler, be quiet! Straight Power 12 750W PSU, and several premium case fans in a GameMax Spark Pro Full White case.

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue, as it significantly hampers my VR experience.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings, @norrest. Thank you for bringing this up! We know how important a strong Air Link connection can be, and would love to do what we can to get you going again, unhampered by these freezing issues.

We first wanted to point out that your listed Radeon RX 7800 is not included in our list of supported graphics cards, and while any decently powerful GPU should work, we cannot guarantee compatibility. We would still love to help however we can! Moving on, we really appreciate you listing the steps you have tried, and we wanted to ask a few questions or suggest some steps: 

  • Has always been an issue? Or has it worked in the past, and recently started having these freezing issues?
  • We do see you mentioned updating your drivers, however the most common cause of this is an outdated component, usually a GPU, so please double check just to be sure!
  • We would also like you to open the Task Manager, and check the "Performance" tab to see if anything is spiking when a freeze happens. This can help narrow down potential causes.

Let us know at your earliest convenience any further information you can, and we would love to investigate further.

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No, it worked fine for a while.  may have to completely reinstall Windows (((

No worries! Although your GPU isn't listed in our compatible graphic cards, we still have a few troubleshooting steps you can try and see if they help! We suggest manually assigning the GPU. To do so, use the steps listed below:


Manually assign the GPU.

You can use Windows to manually assign which GPU is used by a specific process. This should have little to no side effects. To do so:

  1. Close the Oculus Desktop software
  2. Open Windows Settings > System > Display > Graphics Settings
  3. Select Classic App from the drop down and click Browse
  4. Select the OculusClient.exe
    (By default, this will be installed C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-client\OculusClient.exe)
  5. Click Options > High Performance > Save
    Ensure the "High Performance" option has your dedicated graphics at the top of this menu.

Please let us know if this helps! We look forward to hearing back from you!

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Thank you for your response and the suggestion to manually assign the GPU. I followed the instructions provided, ensuring that the "High Performance" option prioritizes my dedicated graphics card. However, I regret to inform you that this solution did not resolve the issue.
Today, I attempted another clean installation of OculusSetup.exe. After thoroughly removing previous installations and leftover files, the initial launch post-installation seemed to work reasonably well. However, the problem resurfaces after rebooting my PC, leading to the same freezing issues.
I discovered a quick way to trigger the freezes: by accessing the AirLink settings on the headset and switching from a dynamic 100 Mbps bandwidth to a fixed setting, the screen immediately freezes. It's perplexing that these issues only begin after a PC restart.
Unfortunately, the advice to manually assign the GPU did not alleviate the problem. It seems there might be a deeper underlying issue that occurs post-reboot. I would greatly appreciate any further assistance or suggestions you might have to address this peculiar behavior.

Thank you for providing this information! Please send us a private message so we can assist you further.. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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i have the exact same issue on my end here and it started a week ago. Before this, everything was fine. I updated my GPU driver (7900 XTX) and i thought, this could be the reason, because, i guess after the update, the freezes were starting. I resolved the issue with a driver downgrade to 23.12.1 and because you have a 7800 XT, i hope this information can help you too.

We wanted to let you know, @norrest, that we received your PM- someone should be reaching out to you shortly! We also appreciate your insight, @Eba23! We love when our community helps each other!

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It's terrible on AMD's part indeed. Now, to use regular games and VR, you need to have two separate systems with different driver versions. How does Nvidia fare in this regard? Indeed, rolling back the drivers helped, and after rebooting the PC, the freezes stopped. But it's interesting why everything seemed fine before the reboot. In perspective, you can perform a quick check yourself! Just when entering AirLink on Oculus, set the bitrate to fixed, not dynamic. It defaults to 10 Mbps, and that causes the freeze. Apparently, the drivers started working poorly with low bitrates. Also, there was an update from VD, and they recommend using an even older version 23.10.2 .

Honored Guest

I also had this issue, just about instantly my display in AirLink would freeze, no issues in the Link Cable connection. I also have an AMD GPU - 7900 XT

I was able to fix it by going into the Oculus Debug tool and mirroring the display to my PC while it was frozen in the headset, then changing the dynamic bitrate to a higher value then 10mbps, (setting to fixed didn't work). After doing that the frozen display came back immediately.

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