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Please provide us some solution to prevent guardian not found / tracking lost.

Level 2


When I start Quest 2, Quest 2 ask me to re-configure guardian almost every time.
While I'm playing, Quest 2 become tracking lost unexpectedly for short time very frequently.

Those are very fatal problems in VR experience.
I want some very accurate way to not get guardian not found.



One suggestion is putting some markers printed to papers and detect such a marker.
I think the Meta don't want to let players to print and put some inorganic patterns on the room because It's not smart.
However, re-configuring guardian every time is much worse than putting inorganic patterns on the room.
I want many variations of patterns because I want to put such a marker to many place in my room.

Another suggestion, improvement to the first problem is putting existing guardian manually.
If we re-configure guardian, It's required to re-draw guardian but it's very troublesome.
I often wonder if It's possible to place previous guardian to fit my room.


**Expected questions**


Q: Did you try Clear Guardian History
A: Yes. I keep only one guardian on Quest2. when I was requested to configure guardian, I always clear guardian history. Also, I need to re-configure guardian almost every day so Guardian History is almost clear.
Q: What's playing with Quest2?
A: I'm playing VRChat with SteamVR via AirLink.


**Detailed information about my second problem**


Since it deviate a bit from the main topic above, I wrote briefly, so I'll write the details here.
I wrote "became tracking lost" above, There's no basis for determination, a inference with situation.
First, screen become black suddenly.
Just after that, I see real world in passthrough and fades out the passthrough in few seconds.
In the passthrough, I can see floor edge of guardian so I think this is tracking or guardian lost for short time.


Retired Support

Hey @anatawa12. Do you experience similar issues while playing in other locations?

Many times either poor lighting, or too bright lighting can be a potential factor in tracking issues.

For the tracking on your headset to work best, your playing space should have bright, even lighting.  

Would you mind sharing a photo of your play space with us?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Do you experience similar issues while playing in other locations?

Sorry, I don't have play space for VR other than my room so I can't test it.

Regardless brightness of my room, this problem happens so I believe my room is not too bright or too dim.

Would you mind sharing a photo of your play space with us?

Here's picture of my play space. Almost all of my room is play space for VR.


And since Oculus v46, this problem is improved. Especially, second problem is not caused.
First problem is improved. In many case, no re-configuring is requested.
However, guardian detection still not working in some case.

One big case is if lighting of my room is different since the time guardian configured.

If I configured guardian in night, in daytime, guardian detection not working well.
I still want some special marker to avoid such a problem.

Thanks for sharing that information! Based on the photo you've provided, it could be that your play area doesn't have enough contrast between objects or textures composing it, therefore confusing the tracking cameras. The best way to troubleshoot would be testing out another play area, but we understand you don't have another space readily available. Here are some suggestions to help your headset remember your guardian:

  • Stand as close as possible to the center of the intended play area when drawing your Guardian boundary.
  • Look around the room when drawing your boundary. Only looking in one direction while drawing your boundary reduces the likelihood of remembering your Guardian in the future.
  • Always make sure the area within the Guardian system boundary is clear of hazards and obstacles.

We hope this helps! Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you continue having issues, we're always here to assist.