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Pokerstars VR not loading

Level 2

hello, it is impossible for me to connect to the application, is this normal?

Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @wichman06! That's certainly something we'd like more info about so we can help get you playing poker with friends.

  • Does the app launch for you and you're just not able to connect to the internet on it, or is the app not launching?
  • Are any of your other apps doing this?
  • Are you able to connect your Quest 2 to Wi-Fi?

We hope to hear back from you so we can determine next steps. Thanks!

Level 2

Thank you for answering me, then, the application launches and remains blocked on the start menu, it is the only application that does this, and I am well connected to the internet thanks to WiFi.... I don’t understand

Thanks for writing back! We're glad no other app is affected. We suggest uninstalling PokerStars VR and then reinstalling it. Please let us know if that gets the app working.

ok, I try....


Hey there! Did uninstalling the app work? If you need more help, please let us know. Thanks!