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Poor Warranty Support

Level 3

I bought my Quest 2 direct from Oculus last November. I was really enjoying it but it started to suffer from stuck pixels. Oculus agreed to take it back under warranty but ever since they’ve had it I’ve been misinformed about the process and cannot get a straight answer as to what is going on. 

I was told I would get a replacement within 3 to 5 days after receiving my faulty headset. They’ve had it since 6th Jan 22. I chased up what was going on and after numerous exchanges my final response was my headset needed to be reviewed first. They cannot say when that will take place or what the timescales are.


My impression is that customer support has no meaningful line of communication with the warranty review/repair team. If there are delays or other issues the customers need to be told and/or support need to stop saying it will be dealt with in 3 to 5 days as it is clearly not possible for some reason. 


Quite honestly I would’ve just made do with the stuck pixels had I’ve known this would be the experience. I have resigned myself to the fact it’ll replaced at a time of their choosing but I still feel aggrieved. I would like to make a complaint, not just because of this, but also the slimmest chance they will take this on board and consider improving their communication and warranty process. I won’t hold my breath though. There is no formal complaints procedure listed anywhere and it’s not being acknowledged in my tickets so posting this rant is about all I can do. 


Level 4

I had to wait 3 weeks for my replacement since my original headset had lens defects in both lenses.  The replacement they sent will not charge past 52 percent so now they want me to return this one.  I have heard nothing but horror stories of how long it takes for replacements so I am hesitant to send it in, but my option is to keep this one that is only usable for 45 minutes.  I use it for exercise so it's not just like I can't play the games for a bit.  Unacceptable.

If you have Argos accident replacement cover , jump on it , take in shop , walk out with new one

Level 3

I have the exact same issue with a return... 4x weeks since they have received my faulty item back and still no closer to receiving a replacement