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Primary accounts can not cast to Chromecast devices?

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So I have BOTH a Quest 2 and Quest 3.  I can Cast to other Chromecast devices with the Quest 2 but not so with the Quest 3.  Why is that?


Ryzen 7 5800X3D | GSkill 32GB DDR4 | MSI RTX 4090 | Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX | Samsung 980 Pro 2TB PCIe/NVMe
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Did this continue to work after installing all the latest updates?

Hey there @Jackdanni. Thank you for bring this to our attention. Casting with VR can be and exciting feature when working properly. We'd wish nothing more than for you to have an effortless experience while casting in VR. We'd love to dive deeper into this issue starting with the following questions:

  1. Have you tired to restart your headset, phone, and your casting device?
  2. Have you checked for any updates on the headset, phone, and your casting device?

Just to add a bit more clarification on casting with VR, you can check here for more details.

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Hi, I’ve had the same issue after I updated as well, I’ve tried to restart all the devices and everything is up to date but there is no option to cast to my chromecast anymore, the only things I can cast to are my phone and a computer. There used to be more devices I could cast to but I would prefer to cast straight to my chromecast instead.


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I factory reset my Quest 3 and the chromecast devices did come back.  


In my Quest 2 i can see Google Hub Max, but my Quest 3 can't see the Google Hub Max.  I have 4 of these Google Hub Max

Ryzen 7 5800X3D | GSkill 32GB DDR4 | MSI RTX 4090 | Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX | Samsung 980 Pro 2TB PCIe/NVMe

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Heelo ! After yestedey"s broadcast updates. My oculus qest 2 does not see googlechromrecast. i have 3 helmets and this happehd to all of them.

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I recently got a Quest 3 and want to cast to my TV so that we can watch along while people play.

Unfortunately I have an LG tv which has WebOS, but I do have an Android TV Box (Xiaomi) which has Chromecast built in. I am able to cast to the Android box with other devices, but with the Meta Quest 3, it does not show up when I got to casting. I only have options to cast to PC or Phone.

Unfortunately my Laptop PC will not open the software as it says its incompatible with the graphics card (GTX1650), so I cant view it on my PC screen, only my phone. My Laptop has HDMI out to the TV so if the software worked, that would be great. I dont understand how a phone can view the output, but not my Geforce Graphics card on my Laptop. I did not know phone graphics was so advanced.

So my only option right now is to cast to phone using the Meta app, then use a second app (Google Home), to cast to my Android TV Box. This option works but its very laggy, graphics are bad, and there is a huge "Record" icon from the phone app in the way on the TV all the time.

Surely there is a better way to just cast direct from the Quest 3 to the Android TV Box with Chromecast? Why do we need to go through the phone and 2 Apps to be able to get there? And why is it impossible to even open the software on my PC which has a GeForce graphics card, yet it works on the App on my phone?
PLEASE tell me there is a better way.....this is driving me crazy.
At least there must be a way to remove the dumb "Record" icon off the App on the phone so that we can watch without that being in the way? 
Please help.

Update to Factory Resetting: It puts it back to the original firmware, henceforth, primary account can cast. HOWEVER, my headset updated again, and now I can't cast anymore. So, back to secondary accounts to get this going! It's definitely V60's fault.

Yes, please refer to work around described in the link.

Did you ever read? Can you? This is awful support.

Yes, please refer to the work around described in the link.

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