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Pro controllers on Q2 not connected after wake-up

Level 4

I do believe this is a known issue but would still like to know whether there's something I should do or if there's an update on its way.

Whenever I lay my headset on the table for a while it goes to sleep, and when I put it back on I can't get the pro controllers to show up anymore. Only thing that works is to;

-put the controllers on charge ( this is q must after trying otherwise)

- reboot the headset 

- vigorously press Oculus-buttons on the controllers and wish for the left toe to grant them to be connected.

If I try something else than the above, there's no chance( or perhaps a minute one) to have the controllers to show up.


As there's no power button on the headset, or a timer to shut down the headset, it tends to be in sleep( for longer times but usually for few minutes, )and there's no real cure I can see to do it differently. But is there some other means to certain the controllers connect properly? I never had an issue with the originals not connecting( but as the right controller travels a lot in space, it's unusable), nor do I have with Forcetube I just got.


Accepted Solutions

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, we hate to hear that you're experiencing this issue. V49 should help with stability issues but this is still a new feature with some kinks to iron out. The Quest Pro controllers operate differently than the standard Quest 2 controller. They are essentially each their own mini computer. So when it connects to your headset it is also being connected to your Wi-Fi for stability. When you headset goes into standby it shuts of the controllers which disconnect them from your Wi-Fi, causing them to unpair. Like I mentioned before, this is a new feature which still needs some work but our team is always working on the next update. If the connectivity issue worsens, I highly encourage opening a support ticket HERE so that we can make sure you get the assistance you need.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Larry_O, it looks like you've tried a few of our troubleshooting steps already. We know how bothersome connection issues may be and we'd love to get this fixed for you! The next step would be to perform a factory reset in order to put the headset in a like-new state and refresh the systems, be sure to have Cloud Backup enabled so you won't lose all your data. 


So we could gather some information and provide accurate next steps, please Submit a Ticket with us if you continue to have issues.

Level 2

I have the same problem where I need to restart the headset to get the controllers to track. Putting them on charge also doesn't help for me. It's extremely annoying..

Did a factory reset help?

Hey there, @Toki_! Feel free to give it a try, then if it doesn't help the next best step would be to get in touch with our other support team via email/live chat for some more in-depth assistance! Here's the link where you can get in touch with them! 

So, to be clear, it is certified the controllers ought to connect to Q2 on every instance, be it after sleep or reboot. Also, the tracking, which is extremely poor, should be spot on regardless of circumstances where the setup is used, apart pitch black? In short, the compatibility is tested to such-an extend there should be not a single issue with the pro controllers that the origs don't have( and boy, do they have big tracking issues).


Feel a bit fool using quite-a-bit over 300 euros on the controllers and they do not work under led lights or track their position to even close to the level the origs did. Nor do they connect at every startup. Perhaps there is a connection procedure I'm doing wrong and should press the menu buttons combined with another button to an extend of time to have them to connect.


I do appreciate all assistance provided as currently it is frustrating to use them( on Alvo and Contractors mainly) as button pressures aren't always registered and the reticle jumps all over the place when the controllers clearly do not know where they are irl.

Level 3

I have the same pobleme. After standby no controller connection. Restart controller doesnt fix it, only Quest 2 restart helps.

And a second problem was if i switch my wlan access point to the faster one (same SSID) the controller lost connection with my Quest 2 - "error controller has no wlan connection" and i need to restat my Quest 2 again to reconnect the controller

Level 3

The same issue here! Has anyone found the solution?

no solution only a poor answer from chat support😔

Answer from chat Support:

"At the moment the compatibility limitation between the pro controllers and the Q2 headset might result in cases like this, please have in mind that they are still in early release phase, so we are still working to improve this type of issue


i also notice, if the Controller doesn't reconnect after standby and if i turn off the quest 2 wlan, the Controller appears back and tracking looks like working and if I turn on the wlan again the controller disappear....

Level 2

Same problem... its really annoying!