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Pro controllers tracking ruined again. Meta incompetence must end.

Expert Protege

Since v57 and now even worse on v59 my pro controllers just freeze in the middle of the gameplay for a random amount of time. Often enough that it's unplayable. It's random. It can be good for 15 or 40 minutes and then be unplayable. Or be unplayable from the very beginning and stop mid way for a bit. 

This problem was introduced already before in v53 update. v50/51 was perfect and flawless for me and many other people. You ruined it in v53 and then made it even worse in v54 including turning around being super laggy with PCVR. All these were wifi drivers issues that your updates that clearly lack Q&A introduced.

I will also mention how one of your updates also broke my left controller that I had to RMA it and it took over 2 months to get a replacement. With all these issues together over 3 months of my headset being a dead weight.

And now we're back again with same exact issue with controller. Tell me for f..s sake: who asked you for wifi driver changes again? Oh btw I again have issues to connect to my Wifi 6E. It was a problem in early Quest Pro versions and then got fixed just to be broken again now. So you clearly reintroduced old wifi driver issues. 

I'm not the only one experiencing that too. WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE A DEAD WEIGHT AGAIN FOR LIKE 4TH TIME. And I own this headset since April. So basically half of the time I own this kit it's unplayable/unusable. Explain this to me why can't you hire Q&A? Because to me it looks like after development is done - one of your devs or Zuck himself puts on the headset - plays 30 minutes and that's your Q&A. I have absolutely no reason to believe otherwise. Your company that is one of the richest on this planet with team much bigger than mine CAN'T MAINTAIN WIFI DRIVERS AND NOT BREAK THEM FOR LONGER THAN 1 MAJOR SOFTWARE VERSION. HOW?

It's beyond my freaking understanding how much incompetence can be happening. And the worst part is that your transparency to the users is equal to 0. No aknowledgement of the issue. People have to dig in forums to find one post that maybe says "we will let dev team know" and that's it. You do absolutely nothing to ensure that users who sinked their money into your "proffesional" hardware at least are confident the issue will be solved quickly and surely. I mean you do the opposite by REINTRODUCING SAME ISSUE OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVERY **bleep** PATCH.

I should be able to return this headset and controllers and get full refund of original price. I literally have a dead weight that worked properly less time than it didn't.