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Pro controllers won't connect to quest 3 after v65 update


Ugh.. this just started happening.  I assume it is a problem that came with one of the updates to the headset?


After putting my Quest 3 headset to sleep after playing, the pro controllers no longer automatically connect when it wakes up.

The only thing that fixes it is restarted the headset.

It just so happens that I have two pairs of pro controllers.  This problem occurs with both.

Restarting controllers doesn't fix it.

Factory reset of controllers doesn't fix it.

Turning headset on/off doesn't fix it.

Have to restart the dumb headset every time I play now. 😞

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I also have this problem. Hopefully they solve it soon.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

For the diagnostic, the bug reports that you send in will suffice for the engineers to look into. You can also hit the "go to solution" text to go to the pinned post I have about the extra info that the team is asking for.


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  • Which headset you're using: Quest 3
  • Are you enrolled in the PTC? No
  • Software Version Meta Quest Mobile App:
  • Software Version Meta Quest Headset:
  • Any other workarounds? 
    • Turn off/on the headset
  • Confirmation of Bug Report submitted: Support case #07048771



Can anyone tell me if at least they are working on a fix and how do I know if this has been resolved? I barley had this pro controller for 1 month for better tracking and now this happens. Thanks for providing workaround at least after wasting 10 min each session I can play my game. Please someone let me know if anything I can do on my end. Not cool meta 😞

Hey @Janak17590, I have already relayed this issue to the team and have been waiting for updates from them. Any news I get, I'll be sure to inform everyone on this thread! 😊

“There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan.” -Leonard Snart.

I am havuhg the sams problem with my pro controllers after the update

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Customer service has provided me resolution as replacement, not sure if this a good idea. If only if I can undo the update that caused it. Any suggestions? Today it got extremely annoying as controller is not coming up but if I hold meta button it re-centers quest 3 (it's like partially working, after 10 restarts, still no go) 

Try restarting controllers first, then headset, has been mostly working for me. I read about someone getting replacement controllers and exact same issue still unfortunately. We are stuck waiting for a fix.....


Yeah.  I thought my Pro controllers had gone bad so I purchased new ones.  They had the same problem.  


Can confirm this with my Quest 3 512gb running V65 and updated controllers; it's a 50/50 ball whether they work, and the initial tracking seems slower too, (where you pick the controllers up and the shadow aligns with the actual controller).

My Touch Plus controllers are unaffected.

I've even tried a system restore which had an issue connecting to WiFi; so perhaps it's an issue with WiFi within the headset since V65 update rather than the controllers?

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