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Pro controllers won't connect to quest 3 after v65 update


Ugh.. this just started happening.  I assume it is a problem that came with one of the updates to the headset?


After putting my Quest 3 headset to sleep after playing, the pro controllers no longer automatically connect when it wakes up.

The only thing that fixes it is restarted the headset.

It just so happens that I have two pairs of pro controllers.  This problem occurs with both.

Restarting controllers doesn't fix it.

Factory reset of controllers doesn't fix it.

Turning headset on/off doesn't fix it.

Have to restart the dumb headset every time I play now. 😞

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I am on v.65 in my Quest 3 and use Pro controllers. I received a controller update the other day for both of them and since that time, every time I use my headset with the Pros, here is the sequence of events:

- Pair the Pro controllers with the headset

- Play games

- Remove the headset and put it to charge

- Return later to play more

- Pro controllers do not appear/connect

Re-pairing them via the app does not fix this. The only thing that gets the controllers to connect again is to restart the headset every time you pick it up to use it. Never had to do that before. 

Reports have been flooding in of this for over a fortnight now, a few people are saying it's been happening since V64 but most are saying it was caused by V65.

Some people are saying that V66 PTC fixes it, but YMMV and I'm not comfortable putting firmware on my headset that's potentially even more unstable than what I'm using.

I'm experiencing this myself and I've even attempted a headset system restore to fix this which then seems to have issues initially connecting to WiFi; leading me to believe this is an issue with V65 working the WiFi functionality in the headset rather than the controllers, (Touch Plus use Bluetooth and seemingly function as normal).

Apparently Meta are aware of it, but they're recommending putting in a bug report.

Hopefully another kick up the butt might move things along.

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I am on whatever the most recent PROD version is.  I've had the same exact issue and it's bad.  Out of the blue, my controllers stop working.  I have to hard reset them and/or reset the headset.  60% of the time that works the first time but sometimes it takes several times.  There's plenty of light in the room so it's not that.  Something in the last update and/or controller firmware push screwed things up.

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I have recently experienced the same. Doesnt seem to matter what I do they will not pair if i try to re pair them as well. worked great and connecting to my pc was finally smooth now this BS.  you just cant make sure your customers have a good experience huh?  im so frustrated I had to put the thing elsewhere before I do something rough and stupid to the overpriced paperweight

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I'm just another user, pretty mad about the whole ordeal, having the same issues with the meta pro touch controllers and quest 3.

  • Which headset you're using: Quest 3
  • Are you enrolled in the PTC?  NO
  • Software Version Meta Quest Mobile App:
  • Software Version Meta Quest Headset:
    Any other workarounds?  Perhaps after a few reboots of the controllers and THEN the headset, they start tracking again.  Menu and Ouculus buttons work, but there's no silluete or pointer of the controllers.  If they even enter sleep mode, it is almost impossible to get them back and I have to start all over, turn them off, then on, then wait, then reboot the headset, then reboot them again, wait, then the headset and perhaps then they start tracking again.
    Confirmation of Bug Report submitted.   ?? pardon me?  Isn't this a bug report or where do I do that?

Thank you.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Thank you for providing this info @SIMCGA! You can also find the process to submit a bug report here: Report a problem on Meta Quest.

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Had very high hopes for the pro controllers for additional tracking in sports games. Yet I'm having the same pairing problem as everyone else. I'm still within the return window, I'm wondering if I should just return them if you are not gonna fix this. Something should have happened on your end by now, it's unacceptable. 

This is a very recent issue, and it hasn't been an issue for very long. V65 which introduced the bug came out at the start of May (30 days ago) and V66 is in the chute for release very soon. If it's not actually fixed in V66, it'll likely be in V67, which will probably be 30-ish days later. 
In the mean time, you can restart the Quest before use (as I do) or you can switch back to the Quest 3 controllers for a hot second. Using QuestPro controllers are a *small* improvement over the Quest3 controllers in 99% of situations, but when you're in that 1% of times, it is nice to have them.
But having to wait for v66 (or v67) shouldn't be the sole reason to return.

I used my QuestPro controllers with zero issues from the day I got my Quest3. 

There's a button in the UI inside the quest that has a little bug icon somewhere over in the lower left corner. 

Thank you,  I just sent the bug report.

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