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Pro controllers won't connect to quest 3 after v65 update


Ugh.. this just started happening.  I assume it is a problem that came with one of the updates to the headset?


After putting my Quest 3 headset to sleep after playing, the pro controllers no longer automatically connect when it wakes up.

The only thing that fixes it is restarted the headset.

It just so happens that I have two pairs of pro controllers.  This problem occurs with both.

Restarting controllers doesn't fix it.

Factory reset of controllers doesn't fix it.

Turning headset on/off doesn't fix it.

Have to restart the dumb headset every time I play now. 😞

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Strange I wonder why I can cycle sleep to fix (could not do on v65). I hope it's solved soon it's been quite a while now to not be able to use $300 controllers consistently. 

Expert Protege

I have loved both my pro controllers and my quest 3 but this BS is really frustrating. Finally get link working well. (at least for me) and now this BS. It really becomes very frustrating and brings one to look into other options. I feel these devices are by far the best value but if they dont work consistently then maybe something else will! 

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It did work after cycling 3 times, leaving a gap and then trying a 4th time for me - which suggests there is some randomness to this issue - so hard to know what works and what is just lucky

Heroic Explorer

Something else I just noticed is when cycling sleep make sure you hear the noise that the headset is fully asleep, then hit the button to wake. It works everytime for me (v66 ptc).

I've been kind of paranoid about that since the days of Quest 1; I actively listen out for it like it's saying "bye bye, friend, thanks for your forehead sweat."🤣

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My left controller has the same problem as this video. The head display repeatedly prompts the left handle to disconnect, as if it has been connected for a moment and then disconnected again

Hey, i have the same issue: after updating my quest 3 to v65 the touch pro controllers won‘t work.

Heard v66 has no solution. Reddit is full of users with the same problem.

When is this gonna be fixed? Where is the solution?

Hey @VRKonVR, I have already let the team know and the engineers are already looking into this. I updated the solution post with more information if you can possibly give that a look.

Also, so that the engineers have more info to look at for the issue, can you please submit a bug report? It'll help them tremendously! 

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I've had a better couple of days on v66 this weekend.  Without changing anything the controllers have been waking up nornally the last 3-4 times without needing any restarting - hard to say if that is just v66 updates bedding in or if there is some other factor that causes the issue to be more sporadic.  Will continue to monitor.

Nice to know, still waiting on V66 stable here, even with a manual check it doesn't seem to be out yet in my country.

I could dream forever, and never stop. I could think of life and beauty, the stars that fade in the sky. The hearts of lovers, the dreams of dreamers.
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