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Pro controllers wont pair to quest 2

I received pro controllers in the mail today. I followed the instructions for pairing to quest 2 and the lights on the controllers flashed and it vibrated as expected, but never paired to headset. Did the software updates not get released yet to allow pro controllers on the quest 2? 


Level 4

I got them to pair just an hour ago( tried for a day). Just out of nowhere the app had the option to pair the Pros. You need to un-pair the old ones though, which is a bit silly.

Next I booted my headset and it informed the Pros to exist and started updating them. First the left one and after several reboots the right one.


It is extremely buggy system, it seems, but finally I got the controllers connected.

Now the issue is the right controller( which I had problems connecting to the app and headset) is appx 30 cm too low and controllers are unusable. Looking for a solution( that's why I landed on your question)

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey! First, just want to say I'm super jealous that you both have the Pro controllers. Can't wait until I can get a pair! And now onto addressing these questions/issues.


@ILoveTheTwilightSeries, the update to enable pairing Pro controllers to your Quest 2 has been rolled out with v47. You can check what version your headset is on (and manually update it yourself) by following the steps in this link here. Once it's on v47, you should be good to pair!


@Larry_O, happy to hear you got the controllers paired! Definitely a bummer that something isn't quite working as expected. It sounds like something might be off with the tracking. I've got some troubleshooting steps you can try here:

  • While in VR, hold the controllers at eye level, pointing in front so that the cameras on the controller can see the surroundings. Move the controller around slowly for the controllers to start tracking.
  • Try pressing and holding the Oculus button for 5 to 10 seconds.
    • If the controllers recenter, then at least the controller Bluetooth is connected. This means it’s likely the controller is not tracking properly.
    • Try rebooting the controller by holding down the Oculus/Menu button until you see the lights change.
  • Make sure the tracking cameras on your Pro controller are clean by using a dry cloth or non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes to clean. Don’t use alcohol or an abrasive cleaning solution.
  • Ensure that you have bright, even lighting in your play area. If it's too bright (e.g. direct sunlight) or too dark, it can cause issues with tracking properly.)
  • Try un-pairing and re-pairing the controllers.


And if you're still having this issue after trying all of those steps, your best bet is going to be to reach out to the support team in a ticket here

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Thank you @BlueberrieSmoothie for your instructions regarding the pros. Have to try them out( did not  find anywhere instructions on recalibrating them). I ordered my rpos immediately when possible as the tracking on my origs were so horrible( right moves a lot around all the time). Bit steep price to pay but when the tracking works, the controllers feels like I'm cheating a bit playing with them.

I do have a well lit room with no reflecting surfaces or direct sunlight( also, up this north, there rarely is sun from december to february). Hopefully I do not have to re-pair them as that was not a pleasant speedy process.