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Problems setting up passthrough in Unreal

Level 2



I'm trying to make a game with Unreal using the Oculus passthrough but I'm having difficulties.


I followed the instructions on the Oculus website : ""


Everything worked, I managed to download Oculus custom unreal engine (based on 427), compiled it, created a new project, changed the project settings as indicated, created a new pawn and added the Oculus passthrough layer. Everything seemed good to go but when I package it and install it on my quest I doesn't work. 😞 What would be passthrough is either transparent or black. Does anyone has experience with this and could help me?


Some additional information :

  • I'm using a quest one, is this a quest 2 only feature?
  • I'm packaging and running on standalone quest mode.
  • When running the game for a first time on a quest, it does bring up the passthrough prompt, meaning the device does recognize that the app utilize the feature.


Thanks in advance!



Level 4

I have a feeling this is a Quest 2 only feature. But I could be wrong. The first thing I'd check is, did you hide or delete everything in the environment of your map where you want to see the AR Passthrough, e.g. the sky dome?

Level 3

Hey there,

did you get it to work after all? 🙂 Best regards

Level 4

I have it working.

Wow ... ok - is there any chance to maybe catchup for a short videochat to give me some starters ... i followed the instructions aswell but am kind of lost right now... that would be an awesome help... there is so much about quest an unity - but unreal ... arghhh

Level 4

Truthfully it's a while ago I got it going and there's been so much tech since then I can't say I can remember much. But if you can find me on Discord, maybe I can look at my blue prints.

Thank you so much! I guess its quite easy what i am looking for and honestly - i am more than grateful already... 

Will be back home in about three ours and check discord ... 😊

Best regards... Marcel