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Problems with audio volume when using earphones

Level 2

I wear hearing aids because I suffer a fairly high level of earing loss.

When I use my Quest 2 I prefer to remove my hearing aids and use earphones.

This worked great until about a week ago.

All of a sudden I've found that when the earphones are plugged in I can't set the volume to Max ... or at least I can set it but it displays a warning message and doesn't actually make the volume any louder than it was before I changed it.

Previously it got loud enough so that I could hear it well enough, but this is no longer the case.

Additionally in one app that I use, (Deo VR) if I try and set the volume to max it now immediately slides back to about 70% as though the Quest software is limiting it in some way. Again until the past week this never used to happen.

Has anyone else come across this problem recently and managed to work out the cause and a fix?

Alternatively can anyone recommend any earphones that amplify the sound from the Quest 2 as an alternative way of dealing with the problem?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Andrew!


We hate to hear that you're having some audio troubles. Rest assured we'll work together to get this resolved so you can hear all the amazing sounds VR has to offer. However the best place to have this addressed would be over at our main line of support here: Over there they have a plethora of tools that they have their disposal so they can deep dive into this and get those speakers thumping!


We'll see you on the other side!

Level 2

Thanks for the suggestion. I've sent the query to the main support line. They say they will look into it but haven't provided any helpful information or advice at all.