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Profile picture on Meta App

Level 2

Hi, I tried updating my profile picture on the meta-app. Every time I try to select the photo any photo, it doesn’t give me an error. It just won’t change it just pretty much cancels the new photo. I try logging into the Meta website, but every time I go into Settings the website gives me an error, so I don’t know what to do now.

Luis Chacon

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Luscretes! This would definitely be an annoying issue for anybody, we wouldn't want you to have to deal with it any longer than you already have! We've got some troubleshooting here that you can try out for the browser, though it sounds like it could be a network issue as well, so we'll include some network troubleshooting too. Sometimes the network just needs a quick cleaning (for lack of a better phrase), so things are running a bit smoother again. Including connection to a specific website.

  • Clear web browser cache/cookies
  • Restart web browser
  • Try another web browser
  • Try another computer
  • Try another network in another location
  • Restart your router by unplugging it for 30sec and plugging it back in

Let us know if this helps out at all, if not then we'll look into some different options. We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you!

Not coming at you guys or anything I understand you all are busy with tons of things on your to-do list but I personally don’t think it’s my router or/ and every time I try using any other device it still won’t let me. I don’t mine using the same picture but it’ll still bother me because I won’t look like that in the next 15 years ( exaggeration )

Luis Chacon

We can definitely understand that it may not seem like it's stemming from your network, but it is a good thing to try out regardless. Best case scenario it solves the issue, worst case we can determine whether it's a factor or not in the issue and narrow down our troubleshooting accordingly. Give it a try and let us know how it ends up going, we'll be looking forward to hearing back from you!