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Q: What hardware do I need for 3 player set up in my home please?

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Hello Forum Members,

I am mum of three boys of 7, 8 and 12 years of age. I know nothing about Meta. 

My 8 year old has gone through most horrific battle with cancer and and as a birthday gift he asked for VR Headset. My research told me that Meta 3 is the best one around. But I have two other sons that will want to play with him at the same time. To avoid problems with sharing, I want to set up an area in our home which will allow all of them to play the same game together. Could you kindly help me with deciding what hardware I need to buy so we can connect it and have it ready for his birthday? I am thinking it needs to be three x Meta 3 headsets and one computer? Am I correct or there is a cheaper way of doing it? If not, then do I buy three standard Meta 3 headsets or there is a particular one(s) that are better for this purpose? In terms of a computer, which brand and what characteristics could you recommend so it is powerful enough to support this gaming experience? Any additional info I should be mindful of for this to work? thank you ever so for your time. I do appreciate your knowledge ever so much. 

Yours in gratitude,



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Community Manager

Thank you @leer.714300 for reaching out to us with your interest in becoming a part of the Meta Quest family! We first want to say how strong you all are especially your 8 year old son along his journey battling cancer!


We also want to provide you with as much helpful information as possible before making a purchase. We understand you want to have an option for all of your children to participate in enjoying VR, but there are some restrictions when using Meta Quest devices. The creation or use of any Meta account by a person under the age of 10 is a violation of the Meta Terms of Service. We understand this may not be the response you were looking for but no worries! A customer aged 10-12 years (or 10-13 years if in South Korea, Spain, or Quebec) must have their parent or guardian create a Parent-Managed Account for them to access Meta Quest 2 and 3 devices. 


If you are still interested in purchasing a Quest device for your 12 year old, we want to provide you with the tools for success to use your Quest device with a PC! Check out the Requirements to use Meta Quest Link. Also, click here for information on how to set up Meta Quest Link which also provides you with what you need to use link! We hope you find this information helpful! Thank you for sharing your journey and we wish you all the best in life! If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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Community Manager

Hey there @leer.714300! Just checking in. Did you need any further assistance? We're always happy to help! 

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There are two kinds of VR games that Quests can play: stand alone and PCVR.

Stand alone games run on the Quest. No extra hardware is needed (except wifi for downloading the games and doing multiplayer). You can take the Quest 3 anywhere and play it (take it traveling).

PCVR games need a computer connected to the Quest by either wifi or a USB cable. A computer can only have a single Quest running at a time, if three kids wanted to play at the same time, you'd need three computers to go with the three headsets.

Some games are available as both styles. For example Beat Saber has stand alone and PCVR versions. Other games only exist for one style.

The advantage of PCVR over stand alone is that it may be higher visual quality (the computer is more powerful at games than the headset) and a MUCH bigger library of games (including ones not made for Meta headsets). The disadvantage is you need the computer nearby to play them, and it needs to be a decent gaming computer.


Another issue is if three people wanted to play together in a multiplayer game, you'd need to buy the game three times. Most multiplayer games on the Quest don't allow the same account to connect more than once.


One other thing to consider, Quests don't know about each other's position. Some games involve moving around a bit. Even in multiplayer games, where you see the other players isn't where they are in real life. So having three people in VR in a single room is actually a bit dangerous, depending on how active the game is (never stand anywhere near someone playing Beat Saber, so much arm swinging. I've seen people get hit while walking past a player too close).

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