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Q3 Lens Fogging/Scratching/Blurring


Hey, fellow VR enthusiasts!

It’s @therealmotorboater here, riding the virtual waves like a digital daredevil. 🌊🕶

Now, let’s talk about the Quest 3—the stuff of legends, the pixel-packed wonder, the headset that makes reality question its own existence. 🤯🤯 


So, I snagged my first Quest 3 (128GB) right when it dropped in November. And let me tell you, it was like unboxing a slice of the future. 🎁 But then December rolled in, and guess what? Storage space drama hit the scene. Asgard’s Wrath 2 waltzed in, all epic and demanding, and suddenly I had to play the heartbreaking uninstalling game of “what do I delete?” 🗑🎮

But fear not, my friends! I didn’t just sit there, shedding the digital tears I was once riding, quickly solved that issue and I bought not one, but two more Quest 3 headsets—this time, the beefy 512GB models. 🚀💾 Charging stations? yup. Accessories? Double-yup. 

Now, picture this: Last night, I decided to give my original Quest 3 (128GB) some TLC. Armed with a microfiber cloth, q-tips, and determination, I embarked on a cleaning quest. And guess what? The eye depth piece (that’s the front-to-back thingamajig) decided to play peekaboo. Off it came, revealing secrets only known to ancient VR sages. 🧐🔍

Next up, the rubber lining inside. Yep, it detached too. I cleaned it like a surgeon scrubbing in for a delicate operation. Sterile environment, check. Steady hands, check. Rubber lining back in place, double-check. 🩺🧤

And then—the pièce de résistance—the plastic housing cover around both lenses. Brace yourselves, because these were disgusting. Seriously, they’d seen things. Things no lens should witness. So, I popped them off, scrubbed away the grime,  and just like that…VR restored!” 🌟🔍

But let’s talk about lenses in general!!!!  Why are they like fragile butterflies in a VR hurricane? 🦋💨 Prone to scratches, blurry mishaps, and extreme temperature tantrums. Stop and picture, in the heat of battle, slicing, shooting, stacking or moving virtual foes and objects , and suddenly—bam! Blurriness starts rolling in. Boom,  plot twist. 🎭


Fellow VR comrades, spill the pixel beans! Share your lens-cleaning rituals, your anti-scratch spells, and your temperature-taming incantations. And hey, @meta, your wisdom is summoned too! 🧙‍:male_sign:🔮 how do we not ruin our warranty

Keep rocking those Beat Saber moves, my pixelated warriors! May your dragon force remain unblurred, and your high scores defy gravity! 🐉🎵🎮 oh and can we please get legs when we look down in horizon worlds.. I miss looking at those things so much that I got to take my headset off and that’s just no fun 🙃🥹


Add up! search @therealmotorboater or “motorboater” on most socials and you'll most likely find me 💪🏼 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey, @therealmotorboater! Love seeing the energy for the Quest 3 headsets. I've had instances where the lens's start to blur up for me too whenever I'm in the heat of gaming. I sweat a lot, so I have to take breaks and wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth whenever I can to clear them up. I recommend trying the same thing and avoiding using cleaning solutions, as this could damage your lenses and also void the warranty for your headset.

If they're still blurry after cleaning them, you may want to send an email to the support team or send them a private message here so they can help you with this!

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