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QUEST 2 Controllers defective, Supplies of replacements limited

Level 4

I recently bought a 128gb Quest2 through MDG finance.


I've been playing it for less than a month with the batteries that came with the device. Upon replacing the batteries just this morning, The right controller completely died in the middle of a game. The controller will 'pair' and 'unpair' via the phone app, But the controller does not respond AT ALL in the HMD itself. Likewise, The LED on the controller does not light up either.


 Without going into too many details because of NDAs and the like, I've been working for one of your QA departments for awhile now (At least since August of 2021) and never had problems with the work equipment however my brand-new personal Q2 is having this controller issue when I do not treat it any more or less rough during play than I do the one provided by work.


- Tried taking the batteries out for four hours with the HMD turned off.


- I have tried replacing the batteries AGAIN. 


- I have tried pairing and unpairing the trouble controller and indeed, Both of them. (Even the LED lights on the right controller refuse to light up) the phone app CLAIMS the controller is paired.


- I have tried a factory reset on the Quest2 hmd itself giving ample time for any firmware updates to the HMD or controllers to update but again, No change.


 The only thing I can think of that caused this is in the game Population: One you need to rapidly shake your active hand (The right controller) in order to 'charge' a drink item before consuming it. My worry is that this action might have shaken something loose. It was shortly after doing this a third time to recover my in-game health that the controller tracking suddenly went haywire and shortly after the controller died.


 I have already submitted a ticket to Meta (Request 4715133) but considering this appears to be a known issue with the left or right controllers failing after minimal use, And also considering there is a current massive shortage of Oculus replacement paddles this means I'm going to be paying MDG each month for a device I can't even use.





Level 4

Currently in email correspondence with a helpdesk agent. (Request 4715133) and will post here as things develop.

Level 4

I received a direct reply pretty quickly as follows. Names redacted.


"Goods Day Dear [REDACTED]
I have an amazing news to share with you today!


This is [REDACTED], your Oculus friend. While our team continues to review this case for you. I have taken ownership of this ticket and will be assisting you moving forward. I'd like to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into working on this with us during the replacement process. Please allow me to provide you with an update. 

I'm sorry to hear that your Quest Right controller issue ,and I appreciate the necessity of getting your Right controller replaced as soon as possible. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the problem and for sending in the information. I'd also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your time, work, and patience with us during the process.

Based on all the information you provided, we would like your Right controller returned for further review and have a replacement Right controller sent to you. "


 Following was another email with the RMA details and the labels to print out.


 The financing company I bought my set off of also contacted me, And I have a call with their agent today as well so I'll be following up with that as well.




After calling the company I bought my quest from, They assured me talking to Meta for an RMA was the right route to go and that once my replacement was sent, To contact them again and they would reimburse my credit for any time spent without the full use of my Quest 2 so that seems the right route to go.


 I will be finding out how much an appropriate box and printing out the labels will cost and get back here when that happens.



Level 4

I shipped out the RMA today and it just got picked up by Purolator. Ball's in their court now.


Status: Picked up by Purolator on April 22, 2022
Dest: MISSISSAUGA, Ontario
Tracking Details: [REDACTED]


 I only got to shipping it today because my hours don't allow me to hit most stores during their operating times unless I get out wayyy early before I start.

Level 4

Just received confirmation that my RMA'd controller has been received:



This is an automated message. Please don't reply directly to this email.




We received your Oculus ([REDACTED]) at 1:04pm on April 26, 2022. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for processing. We'll notify you if there's a problem with your return.


Please let us know if you're having issues with the return process by visiting our Help Center and speaking to a representative.





The Oculus team"



Lol, they're still telling people 2-3 business days when there is still people waiting since March.

Tell me about it. At least MDG is willing to recredit me for every day I don't get to use my Quest2 so I'm not paying for something I can't use each month.


Face it FB is new to hardware on this scale and as early adopters a lot of us are going to be right here on this shaky road with them. 😛

Level 4

So, Considering it's been 13 days now, Why haven't I received so much as a peep about the RMA process? My financing company is rather keen to know what sort of experience I'm having with my defective product.


We received your Oculus (1WMHCR62B01471) at 1:04pm on April 26, 2022. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for processing. We'll notify you if there's a problem with your return.

Level 4

 It's getting close to a month now, MY MDG representative is calling me DAILY asking why I haven't received any word on my RMA yet since the initially promised contact time of "Two to Three days". My Quest 2 is unplayable in the meantime and I'm not about to drop another 200+$ on a controller that might also break within a few days.

I ended up getting mine on the 11th, so just a bit more than a month after I sent them in.